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Your online destination for professional musical development

Connect with a global audience of students to share your musical talents, and teach a new generation of music makers, all live, and on your own schedule.

Be a part of an exceptional roster of instructors in the Coaches’ Corner Club, where you’ll have the opportunity to lead group and specialized sessions, learn from other top instructors, and more.

Use the best technology to teach globally

Access best-in-class digital technology for an easy booking and teaching experience. You can even record your sessions live to build up a study reference for your students.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll be paid securely, at a rate you decide on.

Teach online music lessons from anywhere in the world

Take your passion for music and share it all over the world with musicU.Live:

  1. Register on our site
  2. Showcase your unique musical style, skills and personality
  3. Build up a global roster of students

Showcase your multi-talented musical skill set

Proficient on multiple musical instruments and production processes? Please register for as many instruments as you’d like to teach.

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Global Reach

– Find the best fit for your lessons with students from all over the world

Sophisticated Marketing

– Benefit from our comprehensive and sophisticated marketing plan to find and retain students and promote your services

Cultural Exposure

– Gain multicultural experience teaching a global circle of enthusiastic students

Credibility and Integrity

– Backed by digital experts, music industry and media executives

Flexible Time and Location 24/7

– Teach whenever, wherever, even if you’re on the road. You’ll never lose existing students due to relocation

Get Paid Simply and Securely

– Hassle-free recurring payments directly into your bank account


– Intuitive and simple processes, so focus to be the best teacher you can be

Teacher of the Year Award

– Challenge yourself as well as your students

Cost effective

– Save on commute time and travel costs

Future Sessions

– Stay tuned for personalized group sessions and more

How It Works

Step 1

Fill out the required information. Links to your credentials, training and performance files/pages should be current.

Step 2
Showcase yourself

Include your current musical teaching experience, what you will teach on our site, and why you want to teach with us. Please note your registration process will be void if you don’t include this information.

Step 3
Teach multiple instruments

Limit one musical instrument per video. If you plan on teaching more than one instrument, please create separate videos for each one.