Top 5 Advantages of Online Music Classes

Published by on May 28th, 2018 in News

Making music is a beautiful art. Teachers love to impart their knowledge to eager learners. Students progress quickly when guided by a master. If you want to learn how to play an instrument, take live, interactive, on-on-one classes with a skilled online teacher.

Lessons of the Past

Historically, learning an instrument was based on the proximity of your teacher. You needed physical access to each other to effectively learn the art of playing. Face-to-face interaction made it possible for an instructor to guide hands, help with form, and make notes on your paper for practicing at home. However, access to skilled teachers was often a challenge. This was particularly true if you desired to learn an obscure instrument or no one nearby knew how to play the instrument you hoped to learn.

Online Lessons

The 21st century launched a technological age, creating new opportunities for music students. Websites appeared by the dozens offering music lessons at your own pace when you logged in and watched the how-to videos. The format boasted its highly-visual platform, but without teacher-student interaction, it’s easy to get confused, frustrated, and eventually quit.

Live Lessons Online

MusicU created the perfect platform for learning any instrument you choose. It incorporates the five vital aspects for effective instruction.

  • Live, one-on-one interaction with your teacher. It’s as though you are in the same room together.
  • 360-degree video capability, allowing you to see exactly how to position your fingers on the flute or grip a reed properly with your mouth.
  • Choose from highly skilled, certified teachers located around the globe. Many learned to play from a young age and all have mastered their instrument.
  • Design your own schedule. Pick a day of the week and lesson time that works for both you and your instructor.
  • Learn at your own pace. Because you’re interacting live with your teacher, they can automatically adjust your lessons. If you pick it up quickly, they’ll move on; if you’re struggling with a concept, they’ll review it.

Don’t waste another day dreaming about learning an instrument. Sign up today with MusicU Live and choose from hundreds of passionate music makers. Each has their own online profile to help you choose the right student-teacher match. Visit to read reviews from current students, search for your instrument of choice, and locate your just-right teacher. Subscribe to their blog and read about the inherent benefits of learning a new instrument. MusicU Live isn’t just for students. If you’re a skilled musician with a gift to share, login and apply to become one of their instructors.