Top 4 Must-Have Accessories to Complement Your Online Piano Classes

Published by on August 7th, 2018 in music blog

Enjoying music is an excellent way to add enrichment to life. Learning to play a musical instrument takes enrichment to a higher level. Whether you learn to play the piano or another instrument, there are ways to make your experience more rewarding. Learn more about four accessories piano students enjoy having when they purchase a new piano and begin lessons.


Metronomes sit on the piano and swing back and forth making a tick-tock sound. They even look a little like a clock. A metronome helps a musician keep time, which is an important skill to learn right away when beginning piano lessons online. When you learn about notes and rests, you will understand why keeping time is so critical. With advances in technology, piano students can usually find a metronome app on their smartphone.

Piano Bench

You may be tempted to wait on buying a piano bench. While it’s true you can use a regular chair from the kitchen or dining room table, that isn’t the best choice. First, sitting at the piano isn’t the same as sitting up to the dining room table. A standard kitchen chair may position you in such a way that you sit too far below the keys to play comfortably. A piano bench is made specifically for sitting at the piano, which will protect your back and arm muscles from tiring too quickly. It will also allow you to sit at the proper height to play properly and see the music book.


Standard pianos are still popular, but many students have portable keyboards when they first begin lessons. Digital pianos and keyboards usually have a place to plug in a set of headphones. Headphones help a budding pianist in two ways. First, they help muffle distractions. You may live in a home where others are busy with their own activities at the same time you’re trying to practice your new piano skills. Headphones help keep distractions to a minimum during practice time. Second, you may need to practice when others need a quiet environment. Being able to use headphones while playing the piano means you can practice when it’s convenient for you. It also helps you respect the requirements of family who may need less noise.


A piano lamp is not necessary to have before starting lessons but it’s an accessory that should be purchased as soon as possible. A good lamp illuminates the music and piano keys, which helps with concentration and reduced eye strain. Piano lamps come in a variety of styles, including LED and cordless styles. You can go as simple or as fancy as you like. There’s a lamp for every need and decor.