Capturing Their Attention: Teaching Music to Young Children

Published by on September 19th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Studies have proven the great impact of music lessons on the mental and developmental growth of young children. Even so, such a process is easier said than done, as children are not easily encouraged to focus on one activity. How can we as educators and parents work together to make learning an instrument in the younger stages a possibility?

1. Set Organized Goals

It can take a while for children to complete goals as their attention span in the younger ages is limited. Educators and parents must set specific goals related to growth, not progressing until each one is complete. Students will, in turn, be satisfied with the progress, and will be encouraged to continue. Praise, in moderation, is vital to success, parents!

2. Variety of Activities

When organizing lesson plans, teachers must be aware to provide a variety of activities, which will only capture the young child’s attention. Activities which focus on aural, visual, kinesthetic strengths will tailor the teaching method to each student, catering to their various learning styles. Children are not “cookie-cutter” learners, and when we as teachers pay attention to such a fact, the learning experience will be successful and enjoyable for all alike.

3. Regular Practice

Practicing twice or three times a week is not enough at such an educational stage, as, for memorization techniques to kick in, the information must be repeated continuously. The recommended practicing time in the early years is from 10-15 minutes, as most student’s attention span is the greatest in that time slot. Instead of one 20-30 minute practice, students can practice twice a day, each practice time slot approximately 10-15 minutes.

In conclusion, young people must be granted education using a specific method, directed to their strengths and weaknesses. Teaching a young child a musical instrument is not entirely impossible as some think, and when using the proper methods utilized, success is seen. Take the time, invest in the next generation of musicians.