Piano Buying Guide for Beginners

Published by on July 16th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Piano, flute, and guitar lessons for beginners online open up opportunities for people of all ages to learn to play an instrument, but one of the trickiest things about learning to play an instrument remains the instrument itself. If you want to learn to play the guitar, you need a guitar; if you want to learn to play the flute, you need a flute; and, if you want to learn to play the piano, you need a piano. Even a beginning piano student needs a piano to get started, but buying a large, expensive piano can feel overwhelming. Here’s a quick look at the three basic piano choices you have.

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Acoustic pianos are pianos that produce sound with real strings, hammers, and wood. These pianos give musicians the ability to create a wide range of sounds using tone and dynamics. The standard-sized 88 keys are weighted and are responsive to different touches. Uprights and grands, small and large, are different forms of acoustic pianos.


Digital pianos are designed to simulate the feel and sound of true acoustic pianos. The key boards have 88 standard, weighted keys that feel similar to those of an acoustic piano. Digital pianos will respond somewhat to the speed and touch of the player, but do not provide the range of responsiveness that acoustic pianos give.


Electronic keyboards are not really designed to mimic piano playing at all. Many have a limited number of keys, restricting the range of notes the student can play. The keys are not weighted, so they don’t have the same feel as regular piano keys and will not build any finger strength from regular playing, and some electronic keys are sized differently from standard keys.

What difference does the instrument make? For beginning students, the keys of the instrument must be the size of standard keys so the student can learn to feel the correct distance between notes. The keys should also be weighted to give the student the feel of pressing real piano keys. These two criteria will be sufficient for early beginners and can be achieved with digital and some electronic keyboards. That said, in order to progress to greater musicianship, students need to have an acoustic instrument that is responsive to their touch and speed.

Music students need good instruments to learn. Students taking guitar lessons for beginners online need a good guitar and beginning piano students need a good piano. Give your beginner the chance to learn to love to play by starting them out on a good instrument.