Understanding a Violin’s Basics

Published by on May 14th, 2018 in News

A violin can be a tempting instrument to learn. With some of the cooler versions and Lindsey Stirling inspiring people to become alternative rock stars, a violin seems like a natural choice. However, it takes dedication to learn any musical instrument. At musicU.Live, we know that serious music students will have an easier time learning something as powerful and precocious as a violin.


Starting Out

When you start with a violin, chances are that it will sound “like fifty stomach-aches.” In fact, even experienced violinists can sound terrible if they aren’t careful.

Acoustic Help

Fortunately, experienced players get help from the acoustic dampening effects of concert halls and other playing venues. While you might here the creaks and squeaks of your instrument, even as you get better, it doesn’t mean those sounds reach much past your left ear.

Violin Care

Like any instrument, your violin is going to require care. If you aren’t ready to maintain your instrument, you may not be ready to learn how to play it.

Avoid Comparison

Don’t worry about what you sound like at the beginning. Instead, focus on your technique and what you can do. When you compare yourself to others who play the violin professionally or who have been playing for longer, you do a disservice to yourself and your desire to learn. As you learn and practice, your playing will improve.

Welcome to the Music Club

When you work with a live instructor, private violin lessons online will allow you to begin to build a network that you can use to help support your aspirations. By committing to a regular schedule with an instructor, you signal to yourself, your friends, and your family that you are serious about learning the violin. This commitment is important if you want to really learn the instrument. Letting your IRL support network know how important it is will also garner you greater support for what some might otherwise consider a fad or hobby.