September Means Back to Music School!

Published by on September 7th, 2020 in music blog

September Means Back to Music School!

The last few months have been unlike any before, so everybody is eager to get back to normalcy. Ordinarily, September is synonymous with back-to-school. But depending on the region where you live, classrooms may or may not be open.

Naturally, health comes before everything else. That’s why it’s vital to provide your children with a safe opportunity to learn and have fun. The ordinary structured routine children enjoy was disrupted, and restoring it as much as possible can give children a sense of order and calm.

Playing music is enough to lift anybody’s spirits! Our music lessons are sure to stimulate your child and give them something fun and satisfying to work towards. From the violin, piano, guitar and beyond, here is what you can expect from the online lessons at musicU.Live.

Live One-On-One Sessions

Unlike online video tutorials, the sessions at musicU.Live let students connect directly with their teacher. They will model the right techniques, correct your fingering, and guide you along your musical journey!

Sessions are usually 45 minutes, where students are free to pick their teacher’s brain or demonstrate the skills they learned in the week prior. Our music teachers are experienced professionals who will give a custom plan for each student based on their unique needs.

It’s important to give each student the right push that will work for them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to music. Everyone has their musical preferences, and everyone learns music in their own way.

We Teach for Beginners and Experts

Everyone has a different musical journey. Some parents want their children to simply be exposed to music because it’s fun and enriching. On the flip side, some kids get the music bug early, and they’re genuinely eager to advance on their instrument.

Whatever approach you decide on, musicU.Live has teachers that understand these needs and will orient their teaching around them. It’s important not to give a casual music student too hard a push that could sour them on music by making lessons too rigid or dull. But students with high ambition need to be properly trained and adequately challenged.

Especially for children, learning bad habits on an instrument can cause setbacks in their development. Learning the rudiments of music properly in our online piano course keeps them on the right track. It’s vital for young musicians to feel like they are making progress on their instrument, to feel positive and stay motivated to learn.

If you want sessions to learn the violin online to expose your child to this dignified and storied instrument, our teachers will be sensitive to these needs and make the lessons fun. The worst thing you can do to a casual student is to push them away from music by making lessons too intense.

For determined and more ambitious music students, our world-class teachers have the playing experience and formal training to meet all their needs.

Instruments Galore

Kids have learned the violin for years because it’s a vital instrument in classical orchestras. It’s got such a gorgeous, melancholy tone! However, musicU.Live can get you playing a wide range of instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Voice
  • Theory
  • Harmony
  • Counterpoint
  • Studio production skills

Some children are inclined to play more than one instrument, and it may take them a while to figure out which one they like more. Perhaps they write songs using the piano to help them compose, but they hear other instruments in their mind.

Choose from a range of specialists in any instrument your child wants to learn.

Teachers Who Match with Your Child

The odds are low that the optimal teacher just so happens to live in your neighbourhood. Using the internet’s power to broaden your search is the best way to find the optimal teacher.

A teacher is much more than someone who just shows your child what to play or how to move their fingers. Rather, they will become a mentor and musical authority who develops your child’s musical ear and sensibilities. This creates a vital bond!

Art makes a major impact on people because it touches on the soul. When somebody introduces you to something you come to love, it’s impossible to describe the significance fully. Finding a teacher whose skill-set, teaching style and personality are truly aligned with your child’s is easy when you use the online world to help you find them.

Music is Fun, Privately and Together

September Means Back to Music School!

Some of the most satisfying moments a young musician can feel is that breakthrough they have alone in a room when suddenly, the piece of music they’ve been practicing for days, weeks or months comes together. Learning a song to the point where your muscle memory takes over, and you can just play it, is exhilarating! You’ll relieve the achievement every time you play the song.

One of the main benefits of music lessons for kids is they help bring friends together and form a tight bond. Musically-minded people might enjoy discussing music together, sharing their favourite new things to hear or, of course, getting together to jam.

Music brings people together directly. Whether your child ends up entertaining the fire circle with their guitar playing or forming a band with their friends, music unites people. A bandmate is more than just a friend; they are a brother or sister in arms!

Music is its own language. Being able to conduct a conversation with someone else in your mother-tongue creates an instant bond that evolves pleasantly over the years. Music lessons will be fun today, and it puts your child on a path that will give them pleasure for years to come.

Unmatched Convenience and Safety

Finally, with all the hard work and stress you’ve experienced juggling professional and household requirements during the pandemic, the last thing you need is one more thing to steal time from your day. Music lessons will only take up the duration of the lesson.

There’s no need to commute through traffic to drop your child off or pick them up. If a lesson is 45 minutes, then that’s how long your child will be occupied. As a parent, you’d love more time to get some work done, attend to things around the home, or put your feet up after a long day!

You’ll love the down-time live online home music lessons give you, plus it’s the safest diversion possible. Health experts around the world urged people to remain in their homes to reduce the chance of exposure to the coronavirus; your home is the safest place you can be, and that’s where the lessons are!

There’s no risk of a traffic accident, and even getting stuck in traffic is impossible. Sometimes kids forget to bring supplies that they need for class, like their music or equipment like guitar picks or extra strings. When they take the lesson in the same room that they do all their practicing in, they’ll always have everything they need. Ultimately, there’s no shorter commute and no safer option than taking music lessons live and online from home.

Parents have enrolled their children in music lessons for years because music is universally understood to be good for the mind, body and soul. These have been some disruptive months for regions across the world. Schools will have to navigate a complex matrix of conditions before re-opening safely. But for a safe and stimulating education in the beautiful world of music, sign up for live and online home lessons today.