Modern Music Lessons for the Busy Professional: Live and Online

Published by on January 2nd, 2020 in music blog

Modern Music Lessons for the Busy Professional: Live and Online

All professionals accept their job requires personal sacrifice, especially their time. The way bankers, realtors, finance professionals and busy tech workers value their time is often reflected in the salaries and billable hours they command.


It’s no surprise then that they manage their personal time so carefully, making sure to maximize value outside of work. No matter how career-oriented a professional may be, some things outside of work are too important to neglect. For many, cultivating passions such as learning to play a musical instrument is one of them.


Professionals may have different musical ambitions, ranging from looking for an engaging hobby to wanting to actually perform with friends or fellow musicians. Whether you’re looking to simply enjoy music or develop serious skills, read on to learn about our specialized music classes that perfectly suit today’s busy professional.


Lessons Wherever You Are, Any Time

One of the marvels of technology is the way it has let people around the world come face to face so easily. For professionals who have long office hours or who travel for work, being able to connect with a teacher without having to commute anywhere is more than a perk — it’s almost a requirement.


Cities around the world are experiencing gridlocked traffic during rush hours and beyond. Aside from it being merely annoying, an unforgiving work schedule may make yet another commute impossible. Taking the lesson remotely eliminates this concern.


Many lawyers, financiers and workers from other industries feel like they don’t have a minute to spare. When they get home, it can be hard to leave. Live online music lessons are perfect, because you can do all your learning without having to move.


Professionals who travel constantly can take lessons on the go. Being able to tap into their home routine while on the road can make them feel grounded. When it feels like you’re living in airports and hotels, connecting with your teacher can feel like an important slice of home.


A Home Music Centre Encourages Good Practice

Taking a music lesson at home allows you to play your instrument for your teacher in the same environment where you practice. Psychologically, it’s important to feel comfortable when playing music, so when trying to impress your teacher by demonstrating the progress made since last lesson, it’s helpful to be in familiar surroundings.


Plus, it also allows you to use the same instrument in your lessons that you practice on at home. For piano or keyboard players, this is super important: the weight and feel of each keyboard is different, and having to switch to an instrument with a different sensitivity can be challenging.


Keep everything consistent by setting up a spot in your home where you play all your music, so you can practice your lessons and learn new ones all in the exact same place.


Never Be Unprepared for a Lesson

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, people forget things. You don’t want to be in a situation where you finish work and drive to your lesson, only to realize you forgot your music book or accessories you need.

online music lessons
When you take music lessons at home, you don’t have the opportunity to forget anything! You’ll always have everything you need to work on your licks right where you are — capos, tuner, slide, picks, strings, music stand, metronome, rosin, bow, and of course your music.


Plus, when your equipment is always where it needs to be, there’s nothing to carry or haul to a lesson. You’ll really appreciate this if you have an amplifier, or a bigger instrument like a double bass.


Biggest Pool of Teachers

One of the most important advantages of live online guitar lessons is that it connects you with the largest pool of teachers possible. Being able to search the world over for a teacher who shares your musical tastes, and who possess the skill set you want to develop, is the exact opposite of getting stuck with the local teacher who happens to plaster ads on your neighbourhood telephone poles.


Historically, so much choice was impossible, but new technology has opened up the search. Professionals don’t want to waste their time with a teacher who is only kind of familiar with their favourite artists.


The benefits of having a teacher who is steeped in your favourite genre are numerous. Students may not know what they don’t know — it’s the teacher who has more experience listening and playing specific types of music. For example, a student may know they like jazz, but they only know Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, not his earlier bebop recordings or his later freer and funkier playing.


You don’t want to have to take lessons from a musician who just learned the songs they teach moments before they teach them — selecting a teacher from such a large pool helps to ensure you get a perfect match.

Technology Makes Lessons Better

Internet and video technology don’t only make it possible for people around the world to play and share in music together; they give students tools for learning that are more powerful than if they were simply in the same room at the same time with their teacher.


For example, because the written music is in PDF form, teachers can make customized music drills and exercises on the fly. Rather than having messy scrawled hand-written notes, the music is in digital form, and the note to be played can be highlighted.


The quality of the microphones commonly found on today’s computers has made it possible for the low and high tones of acoustic instruments to ring through clearly, while video cameras can be zoomed in and out to show close-ups of finger technique or both hands playing as needed.


These tools can help anybody learn, but they’re especially helpful for people who have issues to do with mobility or accessibility: the written music will be neater and easier to read and understand, and can even be enlarged to make it clearer still.


Every Instrument and Musical Skill

Some instruments are easier to find a teacher for than others. MusicU.Live has incredible piano and guitar teachers from around the world, but we also teach flute, drums, violin, production, vocals, and more. If you’re looking for 3 reasons to take online music lessons now, working with truly experienced professionals on a range of instruments in any genre rounds out the list.

Whether you want to learn the rudiments of theory like the circle of fifths or the ins and outs of baroque counterpoint or studio production, musicU.Live has the right teacher for your goals.


Dedicated professionals still need to reenergize outside of work, and there’s nothing like playing music to make the stresses of the day melt away. Whether you’re learning a new skill or refining and improving an old one, the progress you make in such a pleasurable aspect of your life will be extra satisfying. If you think hearing your favourite music is blissful, just wait until you can play it yourself!


You wouldn’t waste a client’s time by offering a mediocre solution, so why waste your own with subpar teachers in a dingy basement across town? Leverage modern online technology and use your time effectively and efficiently — if you want to learn music, sign up for live one-on-one music lessons today. If you still have any questions about our online classes or how lessons work, don’t hesitate to contact us today.