Professionals Need Effective, Time-Saving Music Lessons

Published by on February 7th, 2020 in music blog

Professionals Need Effective, Time-Saving Music Lessons

Just because a person is fully devoted to their career doesn’t mean they need to miss what makes life worth living. If there’s one thing people everywhere around the world respond to, it’s music.


The basic pulse of a beat makes people dance, or at the very least tap their feet. We’re wired to love hearing music, and playing it can be almost too thrilling to describe accurately in words.


For people working in real estate, finance, business or sales, their schedules can be very hectic and may involve a fair amount of travel. How do they keep up with weekly commitments like music lessons?


Many have been turning to live one-on-one online lessons. Here’s why.


Incredible Convenience

Naturally, one of the main advantages of taking lessons online is that you can take it anywhere, so long as you have your instrument and a Wi-Fi connection. Usually, lessons are taken from the comfort of your own home.


You don’t have to embark on yet another dreadful commute through busy urban traffic, or worry about mundane logistics like parking. Imagine needing to commute for 20 minutes to and from the lesson in traffic. Suddenly a 45 minute lesson takes about an hour and a half, double the time: anybody would love saving time to this degree, especially busy professionals who have little to pare.


You’ll also never have to lug your instrument around or worry about remembering to bring all the gear and accessories you need. This isn’t such a big deal if you’re playing such a tiny and portable instrument like the flute. But musicU.Live offers classes for all instruments and many instruments are larger and more cumbersome, like a cello or double bass, or requite amplification like an electric guitar.


Imagine how deflating it would be to hustle to a lesson after a busy work day, to finally arrive only to realize you forgot your music notes or some accessories you need to play. When you take online guitar lessons with musicU.Live, you’ll never have to remember to bring things like extra strings, guitar picks, a tuner, slide, metronome, or any music notes you have; everything you need for the lesson will be right there in your home.


In a pinch, if you find yourself working late at the office but you also feel like you need to take a break, you can even bring your instrument to the office. Live, online music lessons offer convenience busy professionals will truly appreciate, and which can’t be obtained any other way.


Access to the Most Teachers

Using the internet to harness your search for a teacher allows you to cast the widest net possible. Connect with in-demand musicians around the world. Just like professionals enjoy the convenience of time-saving online lessons, they also enable busy musicians to teach music in between concerts or studio engagements.


This means you’re way more likely to find a teacher who really complements your learning style, and who is deeply experienced and well-versed in your favourite kind of music. Sure, great musicians are capable of teaching themselves new music quickly, and then passing this on to students.


But ideally, you want a teacher who has always loved the same music you do. If they’ve played it for years, they’ll know it in their bones. Students get a much better lesson when their teacher yearns for the music they’re teaching, rather than manages to teach it to themselves the night before.

Live one-on-one lessons are especially helpful for people who have accessibility issues. But anybody can search the world over to find a certified, professional music teacher who is truly exceptional by opting for live online lessons.


Powerful Learning Tools

Busy professionals will definitely love saving time with online music lessons, but the equipment used also has powerful teaching tools which make learning easy. First, the basic microphones and video cameras found on today’s computers, laptops and tablets are high quality enough to hear and see perfectly.


A music lesson demands better grade audio and visual than a basic conversation does — you’ll need to be able to clearly see your teacher’s fingers so you can mimic them, and hear the subtleties of what they’re playing to reproduce the sound. You won’t need to get custom equipment; the tools found on today’s devices will meet all your needs.


Your teacher will be able to model certain techniques by zooming in the camera on their fingers, and they’ll be able to assess your technique by having you zoom in on yours. Plus, teachers will be able to create exercises on the fly.


Instead of sometimes messy hand-written music notes, you’ll be reading legible notation produced by a computer, where the section of music you’re supposed to play is highlighted in real time. The technology used by teachers allows for maximum clarity and responsiveness.


Any Instrument, All Ambitions

Many professionals grew up playing an instrument, and our teachers are determined to help them meet their musical goals, whatever they may be. Some people are looking to simply reawaken their love for music and are returning to the instrument after a break, or they’re looking to tighten up their chops.


Perhaps they just want to learn enough so they can jam with their friends for fun. Maybe a student wants to perform a song at a wedding, or they’d like to become an expert who has absorbed everything from the basic rudiments of music to advanced counterpoint.


Whether you’re looking to play three-chord songs around the fire circle or you’d like to pass your local musical exams and book concerts, musicU.Live has the right teacher to get you there on any instrument you want to play.


In addition to instruments, we also teach singing, production, theory, and performance. If you’re looking to advance in music, we have your back.


Learn and Practice in the Same Place

Psychologically, it’s helpful to take your music lessons in the exact same environment in which you practice. You’re more likely to be comfortable when the conditions are the same. This applies to the atmosphere of the room, but also to the specifics of the musical equipment.


Imagine if you play a piano at home, but your lessons are on a keyboard. The weight of the keys is extremely important to a pianist, and it’s a lot to ask a student to make such an adjustment. Using the same equipment for lessons and practice removes this concern entirely.


It’s a good idea to make a little music niche in your home, an area where you keep all your musical equipment and have space to play and practice. That way, when you’re there, you’ll always have everything you need to play and you’ll feel ready to let your mind go so you can concentrate on your music.


Make sure there are no distractions here, only a speaker so you can listen to the music you’re trying to learn, and everything else you need to play.


Easy to Get Going

Signing up for lessons with musicU.Live is free, and it only takes a few moments to get started. You can begin with a 10 minute introductory session with your teacher, or start with a full-on 45 minute lesson.


Payment is totally secure. Our actual lessons save you time, and you won’t have to waste any signing up for them either.


Even the most committed professionals can still find time to enjoy the blissful, satisfying things in life, such as learning to play music. All they need to do is take lessons using the most effective and efficient means possible, and that’s why so many busy professionals across industries are turning to online classes at musicU.Live today.