Parents, Start Planning Your Child’s Back-To-School Activities Now

Published by on August 7th, 2020 in music blog

Parents, Start Planning Your Child’s Back-To-School Activities Now

With regions across the world in lockdown to contain the coronavirus, this has been an unusual and challenging summer. Working parents have had to juggle their professional responsibilities and parenting duties. It’s been a challenging period for many kids too.

Schools and most camps are closed, and kids cannot play with their friends. Even in areas that safely eased restrictions, playing six feet apart is just not the same. Parents are looking for healthy and productive ways to keep their children occupied when the fall begins.

Keep reading to learn how online music classes at musicU.Live will not just keep your kids busy in a safe environment; it could spark a passion for music that enriches their lives forever.

Home Lessons Offer Unmatched Safety and Convenience

What could be safer for your kids than having a music class at home, in the very place you’ve been staying to minimize exposure to the coronavirus? Governments urged people to stay home as much as possible to keep the coronavirus from spreading, and your home is still the safest place to be.

For busy working parents, it also saves valuable time. Depending on the nature of your job, you may be in the office or you may not be. It’s difficult to manage the commute and chauffeur your kids to one more after-school program.

But there’s no need for driving when your kids can take the music lesson at home. You’ll never have to navigate through dense traffic or lug your instrument and equipment all over town. Home music lessons also eliminate the possibility of contracting the coronavirus or meeting with a traffic accident.

Music is Good for the Brain and Soul

It’s hard to quantify how much music means to people because it means something a little different to everybody. People relate to music on a visceral level that makes them dance. Music also helps people cope with tough times. Others relate to music on an intellectual level and are inspired by the heights that great composers and musicians have taken this art.

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Meanwhile, scientists have used brain scans to investigate the effect music can have on us. It’s a complicated topic with more than one answer, but generally, music improves people’s cognitive development.

Parents have enrolled their children in music lessons for generations because playing and learning music is correlated with better performance in school. Listening to music can improve people’s moods and help them get better sleep. It even fends off depression and helps your blood flow.

Music can help to make friends: after two strangers jam together, they are no longer strangers. Teaching your children to play music allows them access to this gift. Your kids may use music to bond with buddies and form tighter relationships. From youth to adulthood, musical ability is something your kids have forever.

All parents want their children to have enriching cultural experiences. Learning music will give your kids an edge in school and equip them with the tools to explore their passion, helping them to develop their mind and soul.

Online Lessons Have Teachers from Everywhere

If you’re responding to the local ad for a violin teacher on the telephone pole, you better hope they’re a master musician. But if you’re using the internet to search for a music lesson, you can select from the broadest pool of teachers in the world.

This powerful reach lets you select a specialist in your child’s favourite genre or subgenre of music. You can choose a teacher steeped in a nation’s musical traditions that you love — anything from Brazilian bossa nova to Polish polka.

All Instruments, All Abilities

Sometimes people need to play a few instruments before they find the one they love. Others are born multi-instrumentalists with a passion for different sounds. Whatever instrument your child wants to play, the teachers at musicU.Live have you covered.

Here is a list of some of the instruments we teach:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Saxophone
  • Ukulele
  • Voice
  • Harmony and counterpoint

Plus, our teachers cater to all abilities. It’s crucial when teaching kids to know how much to push and just how to do it. Teachers need to instill in children healthy practicing habits and techniques, but the last thing they want to do is alienate kids from music by making it too dull or rigid!

Sometimes younger kids take a while to unlock their love of music. Their fingers also may need time to get the strength and dexterity necessary to play clean notes on stringed instruments like the guitar or violin. If your child is an older and more advanced musician, our teachers will keep them challenged.

They say that chess is an ocean in which a gnat can drink, and an elephant can bathe — the same is true of music. Whether your children need a push before their final RCM exam or just starting out playing “chopsticks,” our teachers can get them to the finish line.

You Have All the Equipment Necessary

While live and online home music lessons may seem futuristic, you already have all the equipment you need to get going. During the lockdown, you surely had Zoom meetings or used some other online video technology to connect face-to-face with colleagues, friends or family in a remote location. In other words, you are already familiar with the technology needed for online piano lessons for your children.

Standard web cameras allow teachers to give close-ups of their fingers, to model proper technique. On the flip side, students can zoom in on their hands so their teacher can assess them properly.

The microphones are all powerful enough to convey every shade of tone. If a student wants to hear their teacher better, all they need to do is turn up the volume on their speaker.

Your Home Needs a Music Room

violin lessons for your kids

It’s easier for musicians to perform where they practice. Your child will be assessed and evaluated in the same environment in which they play — your home. Playing in the same room they practice in is psychologically comforting. It also means that they’ll play on the same instrument during the lesson that they use to practice.

Practicing a song on one piano or keyboard and then playing it on another one can be challenging. Each piano has a set of keys with its own weight and sensitivity. With at-home music lessons, your child will always be able to play their own instrument in a comfortable environment.

It’s a good idea to select one room suitable for them to play their instrument and conduct all your lessons here. That way, your child won’t have to move their instrument and all related musical equipment around the home. They’ll always have everything they need for a lesson — there’s no risk of them forgetting to bring something they need.

The decision to get piano or violin lessons for your kids is one they will appreciate forever, and you’ll be glad for it too. Start locking in your back-to-school activities now while the summer winds down and September is around the corner.

Your kids need a safe, stimulating, and fun hobby after such an unusual few months. They may or may not become a professional musician themselves, but signing them up for lessons today gives them the gift of music. That’s something they’ll have forever.