No Matter How Busy Your Work Life Is, There’s Time to Learn Music

Published by on October 5th, 2020 in music blog

No Matter How Busy Your Work Life Is, There’s Time to Learn Music

Lawyers, doctors, and other professionals have demanding jobs and hectic schedules. Sacrificing a certain amount of personal time comes with these types of careers, but even the busiest people need to carve out time for fun and productive hobbies.

COVID-19 has made busy professionals even busier. Businesses and medical professionals have worked hard to modify their operations during COVID-19 due to dangerous circumstances and changing conditions. COVID-19 has required all kinds of adjustments in home life, too.

It’s not surprising that professionals across industries report feeling increased stress levels during COVID-19. Location is a major factor, since regions responded very differently to the pandemic. But even professionals living where the COVID-19 numbers were low watched the world economy respond to the pandemic and read stories of overwhelmed hospitals and other struggles.

Those in business, real estate, the tech sector and medical professionals need to keep their morale and focus high. With musicU.Live lessons all medical professionals can learn online without leaving the safety and comfort of their own home.

Please keep reading to learn more about how our music lessons work and all the benefits of developing your musical skills.

Major Stress Reliever

When a musician is absorbed in playing a piece of music, their mind focuses on nothing else. The rest of the world melts away while thinking about where their fingers should be, or what a passage of music should sound like.

When a music student starts on a new instrument, they’ll feel a rush of satisfaction and pleasure every time they make a development. Musicians refining their craft, and expanding their knowledge base, leads to a level of joy that is almost indescribable.

Whether you’ve been playing music for 20 years or 20 minutes, when you’re on your instrument, the rest of life’s stresses will feel very far away. Everybody needs to relax after work with a fulfilling hobby that eases their spirit and mind, especially busy professionals with many responsibilities on their plates.

Stave off burnout before it occurs by signing up for music lessons with expert teachers.

Lessons Couldn’t Be More Convenient

online music lessons

Those with busy schedules know the value of being able to plan ahead. It’s difficult to know exactly how long something will take when there are factors outside of your control, like traffic.

This concern is eliminated with home music lessons because they’re conducted right from your living room. A 45-minute class will take exactly 45 minutes out of your life.

You’ll know what your evening will look like ahead of time, allowing you to plan around it and giving you more time to do so. Keep stimulated after work, but don’t waste your time. That’s what live and online music lessons are all about.

Safety First

There’s a reason why people in quarantine are all asked to stay home: it’s the safest place to be. During a pandemic, the advantage of guitar classes online is that they can be taken without leaving the safety of home.

Many people have started working from home to reduce the risk of spread. Follow all recommendations of your local health experts if you need to go out in public. By now, the basic precautions should be routine:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap or sanitizer
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Remain socially distanced by staying at least 6 feet away from other people
  • Wear a face mask

Even if the numbers near you are high and a lockdown order is in place, you’ll be able to take your music lesson in perfect safety when it’s live and online.

Real Music Specialists

Busy professionals need to know that the time they give up is worth it. The teachers at musicU.Live are all dedicated experts in their chosen genre of music who have vast experience studying and playing.

The internet allows you to connect with musicians from anywhere, meaning you can find a true specialist in your chosen genre. You don’t need to settle for a teacher who is proficient in a style you aren’t crazy about, and has only dabbled in the music you love. Getting to pick the brains of veteran musicians with in-depth knowledge in your favourite niche of music is a real privilege!

Imagine linking up with a real Spanish flamenco master while sitting in your home in North America, or learning the Delta Blues from a musician born and bred in America’s South from your living room in Europe. The world shrinks when you harness the internet’s connective power.

Aside from being master musicians, the teachers at musicU.Live are also expert teachers. We’re proud of our high retention rate, a testament to the strong bond that forms between our students and our teachers.

This relationship is significant — a teacher is not just a person who imparts a set of skills. They are a musical mentor, a guide, a friend, and a support system.

Our teachers will challenge you, keep you on your toes, make you work, and put a smile on your face. Relationships founded on personal and artistic growth, respect, and knowledge are satisfying indeed!

Music is a Pure Joy

Perhaps you aren’t looking to become a master musician, and you merely want to blow off steam after work. Music lessons will certainly do that for you. But the further you go in music, the greater the joys you’ll experience!

It’s hard to describe the satisfaction a novice musician experiences when their practice begins to pay off. Suddenly, you can play your favourite songs yourself! Maybe you’re conducting a socially-distanced meeting outdoors, or posting videos of your progress online to share with friends and family — either way, you’ll have fun, and you can spread the joy around.

But music is endlessly deep, its only limit being your imagination. If you continue working on your instrument and progressing in your music theory, the joys of playing can reach still new heights of euphoria and bliss.

Music is many things to many people. When you are feeling down, a musical instrument will be there to comfort you. You can play upbeat party music to spread good cheer. When you’re alone and feeling introspective, it’s there to help you express yourself and explore a world of sound.

Parents have enrolled their children in music lessons for centuries because music is known to enrich people’s lives in ways that are hard to describe. You owe it to yourself to experience this joy, too.

You Don’t Need to Buy Any New Equipment

The good news is, you can book your first violin lessons online now because you already have all the equipment required. Your musical instrument, an internet connection and a standard desktop, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone is all you need to link up with your teacher.

People have adjusted to life during COVID-19 by using video chats to connect with colleagues, friends and family. You’ll be able to talk live with your teacher wherever they are by relying on the same tools you are probably already using.

You don’t need to purchase any new video or audio equipment or learn how to use a new program. Connect with your teacher using the same technology you already have and know how to use. It’s that simple.

Juggling personal and professional responsibilities has been quite a task during COVID-19. But even with the new restraints on your schedule, it’s essential to get some time for yourself to relax, decompress, and take a mental health break. You can learn today with musicU.Live with efficient lessons that save you time, and present the safest and most fulfilling respite possible. That’s why no matter how busy you are, there’s always time to learn music.