Music Lessons for Today’s Pro on the Go

Published by on December 23rd, 2019 in music blog

Busy Professionals Make Time for Live Online Music Lessons

Modern life feels incredibly busy, especially for today’s professionals. Whether it’s meeting with clients, answering emails, or simply spending extra long hours at the office, sometimes the boundaries between work and personal hours are a little blurred. Part of being a professional is having the work-life balance skew more towards work.


But no matter how busy your schedule happens to be, it’s essential to make time on the side to cultivate and enjoy your passions in life; it’s one thing to give up some personal time to devote to career goals and achievements, but certain things can’t be neglected because they are what make life worth living — the joys and inner satisfaction felt from playing music are definitely one of life’s greatest luxuries.


Whatever your musical ambition — whether you’re trying to make it to the stage of Carnegie Hall or you just want a fun hobby to keep you relaxed and balanced after work — playing music has always been a popular pastime around the world for good reason.


For real estate agents, tech workers, finance professionals, sales consultants, or any other professions requiring long hours away from home, the ability to learn music on your time through live online lessons has been a revelation. Read on to learn more about why so many pros on the go are learning music through live online one-on-one classes.


Connect with Musicians Worldwide

The internet has the ability to bring people across the world face to face, and that is extremely useful when looking for the right music teacher. Rather than settle for whichever music teacher happens to be located near you, you can cast your search way wider and find a teacher who specializes in exactly the music you love, and who has a teaching style that matches how you learn.


You don’t want a teacher who is merely familiar with the music you love; you want them to be as crazy about your cherished musicians as you are. Once you find a specialist in your niche, your live online music classes will be that much more rewarding and productive.


Musicians develop a toolbox of skills after years of listening and playing certain kinds of music. You don’t want a teacher who is great at one genre of music, but needs to research the type you want to learn before lessons — they should know it already, after years of playing on their own!


For example, pretty much all guitar teachers will know how to solo in a basic blues style using a minor pentatonic scale. But if you want to play a Delta blues style you need to know how to fingerpick, or put your guitar in an open tuning and produce clear tones with a blues slide.


If you’re a blues novice, you’ll know the names of legends like BB King and Muddy Waters, but maybe not the great Son House or Mississippi John Hurt. Having such a broad search for a music teacher will pair you with somebody who already has deep knowledge of the music you love, and their years of experience will expose you to new musicians and musical concepts that took them years to come by.


In just the way that you’re a busy professional with a million things on the go, musicians around the world have busy schedules filled with concerts or session work in the studio. The technology that conveniently allows you to take lessons from them also works to allow them the spare time to teach.


The more professional the musician, the more in demand they are: live online music lessons make it possible to learn from teachers today from around the world who would have been unable to find the time to teach years ago.


Tech is Your Friend

The internet has transformed our daily lives in countless ways, and if you want to improve your riffs with live guitar classes you’ll love the helpful boost you get from today’s new technology. The common microphones already in your computer are high quality enough to pick up the subtleties of any acoustic instrument, so the nuances of a song will sound perfectly clear to your teacher on the other end.


Your teacher will be able to zoom in and out easily in order to demonstrate a proper fingering technique, and they’ll be able to perfectly see and assess your fingering too. They can isolate a section of written music to play because the notation is in a PDF file, and create custom exercises tailored personally for you.


Another benefit of the technology is it allows you to play during the lesson with the same musical gear you practice with at home. For example, if you need to attend a piano class at another location, you’d have to use their piano or keyboard — maybe the weight of the keys is different, and even if it’s a high quality instrument, it’s not ideal to practice on one keyboard all week and then have your teacher assess your progress on a different instrument.


It’s incredible that people who could be separated by so many miles are able to interact as freely as if they were in the same room, and have tools like the custom PDF files at their disposal which actually make teaching more effective than if they were just merely together physically. Tech is a good friend indeed.


Time Saver

Time is money, and professionals don’t have time to waste on sitting in traffic needlessly or taking lessons from a mediocre teacher. When a professional is done work, they value their spare time as highly as they do their business hours.


Busy professionals are always on the go, so they’re grateful for any chance to put their feet up and catch their breath after work — taking music lessons online instead of driving to yet one more place is an important time saver. This way, a 45 minute music lesson only takes 45 minutes from your life.


Imagine if it would otherwise take, say, 20 minutes to get to and from your music lesson; suddenly, music lessons take about 90 minutes from your day instead of 45. Signing up for lessons at musicU.Live is the most efficient way to learn music.


Plus, the time right before and after a lesson is the optimal time to practice; it’s important to get your fingers limber and revisit the material before your lesson, and afterwards it’s important to practice while the lesson itself is still fresh in your mind. Spend your free time practicing on either side of a lesson, or do chores around the home or tend to work that needs completing — but when you take lessons online, you won’t waste this precious time commuting.


Busy professionals don’t have time to waste on ineffective teaching methods, subpar teachers or long and frustrating commutes. Developing your passion for music is worth the time, though — music stimulates our brain and gives us a type of fulfillment that’s impossible to put into words. Soon, you’ll be playing your favourite songs, or jamming with friends, and your life will be transformed by the ever-richer and never-ending musical journey you’re on.


Having real professional musicians give you one-on-one lessons in such a time effective way is the best way for anybody to learn music, especially for people with busy work schedules and no time to spare. That’s why the pro on the go who wants to learn how to play or produce music, as well as sing or learn music theory, is so appreciative of our live online classes.