Music Keeps the Kids Entertained and Mentally Stimulated

Published by on August 3rd, 2020 in music blog

Music Keeps the Kids Entertained and Mentally Stimulated
The last few months have been quite unlike any before. The coronavirus has caused people around the world to stay indoors as much as possible to reduce spread. People’s ordinary routines and daily lives have been turned upside down as governments and industry figure out how best to adapt to changing conditions.

Kids have had their schooling interrupted, and the summertime has also been a major change. Parents need safe and productive ways to keep their children occupied at home, and there’s nothing better for this than learning music.

Let’s take a closer look at why live online music lessons are the perfect way to entertain and stimulate your children.

Music is Fun

Playing music is one of the most pleasurable activities a person can do. They call it playing music for a reason — it’s fun! Learning music as a kid gives you the tools to enjoy playing and listening to music for the years to come.

The teachers at musicU.Live are all experienced professionals who make their lessons enjoyable for every student. There is a place for rote drills, as students must get things like chords and scales into their fingers. It’s necessary to teach the rudiments of music, but playing music can’t be dry.

Nothing is more exciting than finally being able to play your favourite song from start to finish. As students build and hone their skills, they will feel more than simple joy. Playing music mingles pleasure with a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

Music provides intellectual satisfaction that keeps the mind busy, but it also makes people want to dance. Learning these skills is the perfect way to keep the kids busy safely, and they’ll have an amazing time too.

Leaning Music Develops the Mind

Music classes are linked with improved academic performance, and that’s one of the reasons why parents have enrolled their children in music lessons for generations. Unfortunately, many schools are trimming music programs due to budgetary constraints. According to the Journal of Educational Psychology, students who learned music in school had better exam results in science, math, and English than those who did not.

Learning music changes the way you think because it makes your mind work in different ways. You need to develop reading skills, memory, intuition, and more. Musicians also develop interpersonal skills because music is innately communal.

Students will learn from their musical mentors in lessons, but these skills will transfer to their jams with friends. Music is a language, and discovering one language helps develop others. Musicians are unofficially known around the world for their ability to tell great jokes and stories. Just like musical tastes and preferences are deeply personal, music can affect people in ways that are unique and very meaningful.

Safety Assured

live online music lessons

Even when there isn’t a pandemic going on, there is hardly a safer activity for children than learning music with live online home lessons. Taking lessons from home eliminates the need to go on another drive or commute, so there’s no reason to waste time in traffic.

Considering everybody has been urged to stay home as much as possible to contain the spread of coronavirus, it’s no surprise that your home is currently the safest place. It’s vital to remain home for safety’s sake, but it’s crucial to avoid cabin fever too. Keeping the mind busy is essential.

There’s no possible risk of exposure to the coronavirus when you interact with your teachers through video cameras. In fact, you’re probably already using this technology to connect with friends, family, and colleagues from around the world safely.

Learning music with live online lessons doesn’t just keep you home; it makes the home a more exciting place. Your kids will be eager to stay in for their weekly lessons and practice music at home throughout the week.

Online Lessons Offer Widest Teacher Selection

Most neighbourhoods have a few local music teachers, but whether they are high quality or not is a roll of the dice. Not every local music teacher has a solid musical education or experience performing.

Online home lessons allow you to select a teacher from anywhere in the world. You can pick a teacher based on their level of expertise, their musical specialization, or whatever qualities matter to you. Your child might love a particular type of music that not every teacher is qualified to teach.

Our international teachers are steeped in musical traditions the world over. Take classical guitar lessons online from a teacher with a Master’s degree and vast stage experience — with so many teachers to select from, you never have to settle for the second-best.

Foster a Lifelong Love of Music

Parents want their children to learn music now so that one day they’ll be proficient musicians. It’s not just about giving them 45 minutes of pleasure each week when they’re young, though it is that, too. Music is a lifelong journey.

Our teachers act as a mentor to impart specific skills and broaden your child’s musical horizons. Your children likely have a band or group that they currently love, but there are worlds of music out there changing all the time that they might not know about. Part of studying music is learning how to appreciate all that’s out there.

As musicians improve their technical proficiency and develop their musical minds, their tastes are likely to evolve and grow. This cycle can repeat itself endlessly for all musicians, both students and teachers.

Teachers can impart the wealth of knowledge they have developed over their years of playing and listening. In this sense, every music teacher is still a student too. Everyone has room to grow, and the journey continues for everybody!

A musical world that your child currently doesn’t understand may one day come to mean everything to them. There is an almost unlimited number of musical genres and sub-genres. The teachers at musicU.Live give children the raw tools they need to explore and make musical self-discoveries for years to come.

Give Yourself Some Time Off

Online Music Lessons Keep Your Kid’s Mind Busy

Everyone needs downtime occasionally. Juggling work responsibilities and household duties don’t leave much time leftover. A spare moment is only harder to find in a pandemic. Your children need time to relax and develop, just like you need time to unwind and stave off burnout.

Enrolling your kids in at-home music lessons means you’ll have a set time each week you can look forward to when you don’t have to supervise your children. Because the lessons are at home, there’s no stress over dropping them off and picking them up after.

However long the lesson is, you’ll have exactly that long to take a breather. Plus, you’ll get extra time to relax throughout the week as your children are busy practicing music. Keeping them engaged and stimulated benefits the entire household.

Parents want their children to be happy more than anything. Music lessons would be invaluable if they did nothing else but spark joy. But parents also need a safe way to keep their children occupied and engaged during a pandemic and live online music lessons are ideal for these purposes.

You’ll love connecting your children with music teachers from all over the world right from the safety of your own home. Signing up your kids for online home music lessons gives you a rare chance to take a much-needed breather. Plus, lessons won’t just stimulate your kids today. Music lessons provide them with the knowledge and encouragement they need to embark on a life-changing musical journey.