Live, Online Violin Lessons are Safe and Fun

Published by on July 2nd, 2020 in music blog

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This summer is going to be very different for children than any previous summer now that camps everywhere are closed due to the Coronavirus. Parents will have challenges too, as they need to work and find safe ways to keep their kids engaged and entertained.

Live online home music lessons make it easy for young people to learn a beautiful instrument. Violin is one of the traditional instruments parents have wanted their children to learn for centuries, and now this can be done right from the comfort of your living room.

Read on to learn more about how online violin lessons with a professional teacher are the perfect way for your kids to have an exciting summer from home.

Safe and Practical

People around the world have had to stay home as much as possible, as this is one of the most effective ways of containing the Coronavirus’ spread. Some jurisdictions have been able to gradually open neighbourhood businesses and potentially even national borders depending on the local conditions concerning Coronavirus spread.

When you need to pick up groceries or other essentials, always be sure that you’re complying with the precautions outlined by credible medical experts. Follow their advice: wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, stay at least six feet apart from people, and wear a mask over your nose and mouth.

One reason home violin lessons are so perfect now is that you don’t need to leave your home to take them, so there’s no risk of exposure. Your children can learn music safely from your living room, or wherever your kids feel most comfortable and relaxed playing music.

A Break for You and Your Child

Summertime is important for children to get a break from their routines and play. For parents, juggling work responsibilities and errands around the home can be challenging and exhausting, and any moment of free time provides them with an important breather.

Being able to play music is linked with various types of improved cognitive performance in areas like memory, language development, creativity, and even academic performance. More than that, having a musical instrument in your life means that you always have a companion to give you solace and pleasure.

Years from now, your child will grow up to have a fuller and deeper understanding of music because of the instruction they had in their childhood. Music enriches people’s life in a profound way that’s hard to put into words. But just like young children often have an easier time than adults picking up a new language, music seeps deeper into the bones when you’re around it as a child.

In the short term, the restrictions experienced during life under Coronavirus will fade from your child’s mind as they concentrate on their music. Playing an instrument involves great mental and physical exercise, and this exertion will provide an invaluable break for your child.

You’ll also get one, too.

Find the Best Teachers

Live and online lessons are more than just theory or how to play a few songs on an instrument — your child’s teacher will become a musical mentor in their life, expanding their horizons in important ways. Teachers don’t just show your child where to put their fingers; they change the way they think and feel about music.

Classical music has a long and storied history on the violin. Whether your child is inclined towards liking Puccini or the latest Disney blockbuster, the professional teachers at musicU.Live can make the violin exciting and relatable.

Our teachers have lots of experience playing and teaching music at all levels. From classical music to beginner pop songs, we can spark a love for music in your child, so they want to keep practicing until they get the song just right.

The musicU.Live platform makes it easy for students to connect with a teacher who is truly aligned with the music they want to play and their style of learning. We have teachers in cities around the world, meaning you can find a teacher for your child steeped in whatever local style or specific genre of violin they want to learn.

Take advantage of the internet’s ability to cast the widest net possible to find the best-suited teacher for your child, rather than hope the person who happens to teach music in your neighbourhood is a genuine expert.

Perhaps your child is already a very advanced musician, and they need some supplemental lessons before an audition or concert, or perhaps they’re a young child just getting started — either way, it’s easy to improve your skills from home with the teachers from musicU.Live.

You Already Have the Equipment Necessary

People have spent home isolation connecting with friends, family, and colleagues by using video the cameras and microphones on our smartphones, tablets and computers. Thankfully, this common equipment is all you need to connect with music teachers from around the world.

They’ll be able to monitor their students’ fingers to ensure they’re learning the proper technique, and they can crank up the volume on their speaker if they need to hear subtle tones in their students’ playing. No matter what country they’re currently in, our teachers can connect with students as if they were sitting together in the same room.

You won’t have to invest in any new equipment to take lessons. One thing you can do is establish a music room somewhere in your home, where you can store all the equipment and implements your child needs to play the violin.

From things like a computer, speakers, and video camera to the actual violin, sheet music, rosin, bow, and more, leaving all this stuff in one room means your child has one location where they can melt into their music.

Practically, they won’t ever have to pack up this space and relocate all these things. Psychologically, whenever they want to play, they have a space at home with everything they’ll ever need where they can fully concentrate and lose themselves in the music.

Any Instrument, Any Skill Level

It’s not uncommon for violinists to be multi-instrumentalists and the lessons at musicU.Live can get you playing any instrument you want at any level you want to play it. We teach many musical instruments here aside from the violin:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Saxophone
  • Drums
  • Ukulele
  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Harmony, counterpoint, theory
  • Studio production

Your child may want to merely dabble in a side instrument for fun, or perhaps they’re committed to mastering two instruments or more. Whether they’re playing alternate instrument just for fun or they’re studying to pass a Royal Conservatory test, the professional teachers at musicU.Live can help your child accomplish all their goals on all their instruments.

For young kids, the main thing is to foster in them a love of music. Of course, lessons are designed to impart skills, but the measure of success isn’t just how well they can play a song. Teaching young children is all about making them love music, so they enjoy listening and playing it for years to come.

Nothing is more important than having a safe summer, and that means people need to take precautions to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Epidemiology is always a very local phenomenon, so always act on the latest information about your specific location.

But no matter where in the world you live, your family won’t risk being exposed to the Coronavirus from your living room. As the world prepares for a summer unlike any before, live online home violin lessons for kids are a great way to keep them safely busy and entertained.