Live Online Music Lessons: More than Just Notes

Published by on May 4th, 2020 in music blog

Live Online Music Lessons


Music lovers find it impossible to properly put into words just how much music means to them. There’s an ineffable quality to music — the sounds themselves get lodged in our brain, and we enjoy music even more as specific songs becomes associated with significant phases or particular moments in our lives.

Or maybe it’s precisely the other way around, and your love for music is what brought you and other people together for a beautiful night of tunes. No matter how busy your professional life may be, it’s important to make time for what brings you true bliss and satisfaction in life.

Clearly, music is a lot more than just twelve notes. Let’s consider some of the ways that signing up for music lessons can significantly enrich your life.


Musical Mentors

When you sign up for online music lessons with a real expert in your favourite genre, you’re not just getting an instructor who gives you sensible commands. You’re forging a relationship with a person who has genuine expertise in something you love.

You’ll be able to pick their brain about new artists to listen to, certain playing techniques, obscure regional musical traditions, and more. It used to be hard for people with niche musical interests to find the right guide on their musical journey, but it isn’t anymore.

MusicU.Live is proud to have authentic experts on a wide range of musical instruments and styles, including some with major musical accomplishments under their belt. For example, those looking to learn violin or viola would love to connect with Marcello Defant, an Italian musician based near Venice who has travelled across North America, Europe and Asia playing violin in prestigious engagements. In addition to all his experience on stage, Defant holds a doctorate in music from the University of Bologna.

Alberto Pérez is another of our teachers steeped in a local tradition, this one Spanish Flamenco music. Pérez has given master classes on flamenco guitar at universities around the world — if you’re interested in learning classical or flamenco music, live one-on-one access to such an esteemed expert from the comfort of your own living room is an amazing opportunity.

Our teachers have the same professional commitment to their job as you do to yours. When you’re looking for a musical mentor with enough training and life experience to give you not just lessons but a meaningful cultural exchange, there’s no better place to look than musicU.Live.

Live Online Music Lessons


Home Lessons are Safest

Learning music from the comfort of your own home is the safest way possible.

As the world is experiencing an unprecedented shutdown of ordinary daily life due to the spread of the Coronavirus, medical experts urge people to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands, practice social distancing when going out for supplies is essential, refrain from touching your face, and stay in their homes as much as possible.

With live online music lessons, you can safely learn music without leaving your home isolation. People need to do everything possible to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, and remaining at home plays a major role.

Every effort to stay home helps your local health system from becoming overstrained. It’s important now to continue to listen to medical experts and follow their advice. That means leaving home only to buy essential supplies while taking precautions, like wearing a surgical mask.

While largely stuck inside, people around the world will be looking to keep engaged. Playing and even just listening to music can be a great way to become absorbed in something positive, healthy and productive.

Whether you’re a music vet or you’re just looking to learn an instrument, taking home online music lessons is the safest and fastest way possible. If you know somebody who has always wanted to take up an instrument, or they’re a good player seeking to be great, consider that online lessons make great gifts that can keep people safely engaged and entertained while they remain mostly at home.


All Instruments, All Abilities

What are your goals? Are you trying to become a concert pianist, or do you want to just jam with friends? The experts at musicU.Live can help you achieve your goals, however low or high they may be.

We teach a wide range of musical instruments and skills:


  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Saxophone
  • Accordion
  • Voice
  • Theory
  • Counterpoint
  • Studio production skills


If you’re interested in learning music, musicU.Live has you covered.


Amazing Technology Everyone Has

Our live online home music lessons rely on powerful, responsive technology that pretty much everybody already owns. For example, with the average webcam, our expert musicians may be located across the world, but you’ll be able to see their fingers clearly.

The standard microphone makes it possible to hear every nuance of an acoustic instrument. Teachers will even be able to send custom exercises and drills that they can write via computer, so it’s clear and legible.

It’s easy to zoom in or zoom out with a video camera as needed, so teachers can demonstrate techniques or examine their students’ fingers in close detail. In other words, the technology bridges the physical distance between student and teacher to the point where people who may be in different countries may as well be in the same room.

All you need to sign up is an instrument, and a device that can connect to the internet.


Unmatched Convenience

Taking live online piano lessons from your own home is also the most efficient way to learn music, and who has extra spare time in a day to burn? Even if the lesson wasn’t located physically far from your home, you’d still have to drive there, find a parking spot, and perhaps wait for the previous lesson to finish before beginning yours.

Home lessons offer the most effective way to save time because the only minutes consumed from your day are all actually spent on the lesson itself. In other words, a 40-minute lesson will only take up 40 minutes.

This means that there’s never a need to waste time navigating through traffic on the way to and from a lesson. Time is as valuable as ever during the Coronavirus lockdown, with people busily working from home, taking care of their children, and keeping connected with family and friends.

While the option to take lessons outside the home currently doesn’t exist, you’ll still appreciate the convenience home lessons always provide.


Music is Restorative

Finally, everybody needs a break from their work life, and even from the various stresses of their personal life. Learning music has been associated with improved cognitive function, such as better language skills, memory, and even improved mood.

There’s something primal and basic about the link between our brains and music. The echo from the first time our distant ancestors banged a drum still seems to reverberate in our collective consciousness. Our foot taps to a beat as involuntarily as a joke brings a smile to our face.

Humans are hard-wired to respond to music, and learning these skills to the point where you can play with them proficiently is a joy that’s simply too rewarding for words. Indeed, sometimes it feels like the only language that can convey the beauty of music is music. Playing music provides a mental recharge that surely everyone could use.

Your instrument will be there for you as a companion when times are good, or to soothe you when they’re rough. You’ll have memories of playing music with friends you remember fondly for years. For a safe, convenient and effective way to learn music that takes you beyond the notes and into the heart of the culture, connect with musicU.Live today.