Coronavirus Home Isolation Tips: Take Live Online Music Lessons

Published by on April 2nd, 2020 in music blog

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The Coronavirus, also known as Covid-10, has halted ordinary life around the world, with people rightfully staying home to prevent the spread of a pandemic that has already resulted in thousands of deaths in countries like Italy, South Korea, India and America.

Strictly obeying the precautions outlined by medical experts is mandatory: not only must people avoid contracting the virus for the sake of their own health, but hospitals only have so many beds, doctors, nurses, masks, and the material required for Covid-19 testing. There is already a pandemic, but the looming possibility of overwhelmed hospitals presents another crisis.

The safest thing everybody can do is practice what’s being called “social distancing,” which means always remaining at least six feet away from anyone else. To facilitate this, people are staying at home.

These are unprecedented times for the global economy, with local businesses laying off employees and corporations scrambling for their future. But putting aside predictions about the future, for now it’s essential that people prioritize their own health.

In a basic sense, keeping healthy during a pandemic means remaining isolated in your home so you’re a safe distance from anyone carrying Covid-19. But people home alone for extended periods need to avoid cabin fever by trying to maintain as much normalcy as possible.

Read on to learn how live online home music lessons from musicU.Live provide an enriching way to stay healthy during the outbreak while also keeping your mind occupied and engaged.

Unbeatable Convenience

Even in ordinary times when there isn’t a global pandemic, being able to improve your musical skills at home offers the most convenient conceivable way to learn music. In a world where people struggle to find work-life balance, having one less commute can be an invaluable time saver.

Cities everywhere are slowed down by traffic that seems to worsen every year, and avoiding it by learning music from home is smart. While car traffic is way down since regions have urged people to stay home, some drivers have taken these empty lanes as a cue to begin stunt racing.

You can avoid going out on the roads altogether by signing up for online flute lessons with a professional teacher that you don’t need to meet face-to-face. Whether streets are crowded and slow or empty and dangerously fast, the fastest and safest route is always avoiding the need to drive altogether.

Plus, some countries have opted for a total lockdown, meaning people aren’t allowed to leave their home even if they wanted to. In this case, live and online home music lessons is currently the only option there is. But even in ordinary times, musicU.Live home lessons offer unbeatable convenience.

Connect with Real Experts

When some of the most in-demand musicians have down time between performances or session work in the studio, they can arrange to teach lessons online. It’s a very flexible job that suits the nature of a musician’s career.

The internet also gives students the power to find some of the best musicians in their favourite genre. Now, guitarists who want to learn flamenco can connected with a teacher from Spain who is steeped in the traditions of this regional music.

Today’s students no longer need to hope that the local teacher plastering ads on telephone poles near them is an expert in their chosen genre. They can select a teacher based solely on their strengths as a teacher and musician.

Now it’s possible to improve your violin playing with the help of a live musician without having to worry about social distancing or that the teacher is merely adequate, because musicU.Live gives you access to the best teachers anywhere right from your living room.

The internet is an unbelievable way to connect people around the world in face-to-face meetings, so you get all the benefits of a live interaction without any of the health risks.

It’s important to pick a teacher who is going to really inspire you. Even in isolation when some people are looking for ways to kill time, nobody wants to waste time altogether boring music classes they don’t relate to. Find a teacher who really meshes with your personality and learning style by harnessing the internet’s connective power.

Relax Your Mind

Music is incredibly restorative. Whatever stress or trouble is going on in your life, playing your favourite music on an instrument can help you forget your problems for a while and put you in a cheerful frame of mind.

The healing, calming power of music is something that’s always important to tap into, but has increased importance during a global pandemic. Many people are experiencing stress as the world changes in ways nobody expected. Playing and learning music can be a wholesome way to unglue yourself from your phone or computer, scanning the news for the latest update.

Employers have had to let thousands of workers go as consumers are urged to remain in their homes, and those who are still able to work may find their jobs more precarious. If you need a productive and immersive hobby to give you a bit of distraction and pleasure during a stressful time, nothing is more rewarding than playing music.

Plus, music isn’t only distracting because it’s enjoyable; the skills required to learn and play an instrument stimulate the brain. Playing music encourages and improves good cerebral skills:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Languages

Hearing your favourite music is deeply enjoyable, but playing it on an instrument is on another magnitude of satisfaction. The difference in pleasure between listening and playing music is like an architect appreciating just the façade of a building, versus being able to see it from the inside and walk around.

Technology Makes Lessons Easy

While the technology that makes live online home music lessons possible is impressive, it’s also extremely common and widely available. All you need is a normal computer, laptop, phone or tablet that has a webcam.

The video quality will be sharp enough to see up-close details of your teacher’s fingers, and they’ll be able to see yours. Likewise, standard microphones make it possible to hear the subtlest tones in a song. Zoom the camera in and out or turn up the volume as needed, so teachers and students can clearly hear and see each other.

If a teacher wants to create a custom exercise for a student, they can do so through the computer right away, so it’s instant and extremely legible. Essentially, common technology is so good now that there’s no disadvantage to being in rooms separated from your teacher by hundreds of thousands of miles.

The Coronavirus is causing upheaval around the world. People are sick and dying, medical facilities are strained and overwhelmed, and the economic repercussions seem grim. Politicians, medical professionals and others are doing everything they can to stop this virus from spreading and to contain all the damage done in its wake.

In this time, it’s essential to follow the advice of doctors who are urging the public to practice social distancing and stay in their homes! It might be the best way to help frontline workers, as reducing the pandemic’s spread improves the ratio of doctors and medical equipment to patients. And now that we all must spend more time indoors for an indefinite period moving forward, there isn’t a more fun and satisfying hobby to pick up than learning a musical instrument with live online lessons with a real teacher.