Learning Music: Good for the Brain and Spirit

Published by on September 21st, 2020 in music blog

Learning Music: Good for the Brain and Spirit

Everyone loves music, but music means something different and deeply personal for everybody. For some, a song associated with a bright or dark period in their personal lives may stir up nostalgia or strong feelings.

Others love music for the happy or even sad and poignant message it conveys, or maybe there’s just something infectious about the beat that makes them want to tap their toes or dance. There are no bad reasons to love music!

Parents have enrolled their children in music lessons for centuries because playing music and obtaining a greater understanding of it is simply one of the most enriching things a person can do. Music is a treasure everyone should enjoy, so it’s no surprise parents want music lessons for their kids.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of playing music and how online music lessons work at musicU.Live.

Keeps the Mind Sharp

It’s difficult to keep children mentally stimulated in the best of times, and the struggle only increases after coping with months of being largely indoors during a pandemic. Everybody needs to keep their mind sharp and engaged, but it’s especially important for children who are still in school.

Many studies have connected learning music with improved academic performance in high school subjects like history, science, and English. The skills required to play music are transferrable, as they relate to things like reading, language comprehension, and more.

Even just being in a routine where children practice scales or songs for 20 minutes during a weeknight can help them develop discipline. Music is fun. When children begin to see their work pay off as they improve on their instrument, they’ll be more motivated to learn and practice.

Find the Right Teacher for You

A master musician may not necessarily be the right as a music teacher for your child. A teacher plays a crucial role in your child’s musical journey; not only do they teach them about the rudiments of music, but they also expand their ears by introducing them to new music they’re likely to love.

Having a guide who is steeped in your child’s favourite music is invaluable. You want a teacher for your child who is just as passionate about the same music, only more experienced in playing and listening to it. We offer guitar lessons for beginners online with teachers who understand what novice players need to know.

The odds are low that your local music teacher specializes in a broad range of genres. Using the internet’s power to cast the widest search possible allows you to find a teacher who has a genuine interest in the same music and is a perfect fit as a teacher.

You can see the profiles of our teachers online, and select the one whose musical and teaching experience aligns with what you’re looking for. That way, your child finds a truly good match.

Lessons are Safe and Convenient

Kids need a fun and safe way to learn, and online lessons with musicU.Live are the perfect option. Sign up for classes and start playing your favourite tunes!

There is nowhere safer to be in a pandemic than your own home, and that’s where musicU.Live lessons are conducted. Some regions have cautiously relaxed their containment measures as the rate of COVID-19 spread has dropped. Others are still on high alert. Either way, online home music lessons are truly safe.

In fact, home music lessons are the safest option, even when there isn’t a worldwide pandemic. As a parent, you won’t have to drive your child through traffic after a long working day.

The safety and convenience of online lessons is something you’ll appreciate. Imagine having to drop off and pick up your child from a music lesson. If the drive there and back takes 20 minutes or so each way, suddenly a 45-minute lesson takes around an hour and a half. That’s double the time!

You Already Have All the Right Equipment

Over the last few months, you have probably used your computer, tablet or smartphone to do a video call with a friend, relative or colleague. Technology has played an integral role in keeping us connected with people when doing so face to face was impossible.

Thankfully, this basic technology is all you need for an online music lesson! The standard video cameras on the common devices are sophisticated enough to zoom in on your child’s hands, so their teacher can monitor their technique.

When it comes time for the teacher to model the correct way to play a passage of music, they can zoom in on their own hands. The microphones pick up all the shades of tone on any instrument, and the teacher or student can easily raise the volume to hear more clearly.

Be Prepared, Always

Sometimes kids forget to bring what they need for school, and this even applies to music school. When the music lessons take place at home, your child will always have everything they need for the lesson.

Depending on the instrument they play, the list of things they could potentially forget is long:

  • Picks
  • Extra strings
  • Rosin
  • Their songbooks
  • Drum sticks
  • Tuner
  • Metronome

It’s a good idea to devote one area in your home to playing music. This will be a musical refuge in which your child can lose themselves. They can do all their practicing and take their lessons in the same place, so there’s never a need to relocate anything they need to play music.

We Teach Every Instrument and Skill Level

The teachers at musicU.Live can get your child playing about any instrument they want. We also cater to beginners and experienced musicians alike. Is your child looking to learn a major scale, or get a boost before a big playing exam, RCM test, or even a public performance?

Some parents have high musical ambitions for their children, or their child is self-motivated to learn and improve on their instrument. Other parents simply want their child to get some exposure to the rich world of music, and see if learning an instrument is for them.

The teachers at musicU.Live will get you playing, whether your goal is to master Bach or the major scale. Whatever your goals are, we have the best online piano lessons to get you there quickly. And we also teach a wide variety of instruments:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Saxophone
  • Ukulele
  • Voice
  • Harmony/counterpoint

The musical urge can manifest itself in different instruments. Sometimes kids find a musical hero, and they want to play that same instrument. Maybe you’ve noticed them tapping their foot, and you think they’ll be well-suited to an instrument like drums.

Stringed instruments like guitar can be challenging for young kids with small fingers to press down all the way and produce a clean tone. It can be difficult to determine in the early stages what musical instrument is right for your child.

Whichever one you pick, musicU.Live has expert teachers for you.

Music is a Joy

Finally, children should learn music because it’s a source of joy or even euphoria with them for the rest of their lives. Even if they never become professional musicians, playing music can be genuinely thrilling!

Whether your child is playing in a room by themselves, a garage with friends, or a local bar in a band with friends, they will have fun. Learning how to play music is more than entertainment for kids — it heightens one’s appreciation for the art of music and other musicians’ work. Your child will walk away from music lessons as a better listener, which heightens pleasure.

While almost everybody starts with a natural appreciation for music, there’s a lot to be said for refining the way we hear and think about music. There’s no wrong way to listen or enjoy music, but anything that can heighten joy should be pursued!

The last few months have nearly paralyzed businesses, governments, and society at large. Thankfully, your child can safely take live and online home music lessons without risking exposure to COVID-19. In a year unlike any other, having a safe way for your child to have fun and learn enriching skills is something that will surely appeal to all parents.