3 Reasons to Learn Music with Live Online Lessons

Published by on November 12th, 2019 in music blog

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Given that people have been playing music for centuries, you might assume that the best teaching methods were discovered a long time ago — you’d be wrong. Today, a world of new technology has created amazing teaching opportunities music lovers around the world are taking advantage of to learn how to sing and play violin, piano and guitar.


MusicU Live has watched the technology develop rapidly in the last few years, and we’ve refined online music lessons so now they allow people to grow musically from the comfort of their own home in ways that were previously impossible. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so beneficial to learn music online.


1. Helpful Tools


Computers can provide many teaching aids for students that wouldn’t be available in a face-to-face lesson. For example, music teachers can highlight the section of the written music students are supposed to play, because the music is in a PDF file.


They can also use the zoom in feature of the camera to more closely assess their student’s technique, and zoom in on their own camera to demonstrate the right fingering. Online lessons are also very well suited to anybody with mobility issues.


In short, whether it’s online guitar classes or piano, flute or voice lessons, learning music on the internet isn’t just possible: it’s powerful.


2. Cast the Widest Net for the Right Teacher

Leveraging the power of the internet is also the best way to cast the widest search for the right teacher. It’s important that your teacher has a teaching style that complements how you learn, but it’s also essential that your musical sensibilities overlap.


It can be hard to meet such specific requirements if you’re just looking around the corner, but the internet is truly international and there’s no better way to find the right flute teacher than to look for them online.


3. Convenience Can’t Be Beat

Who couldn’t use more spare time in a day? In a world where so many things compete for our attention, taking live singing lessons online instead of going to commute somewhere means you save valuable minutes and hours. The best way to use the time immediately before and after music lessons is to practice your music!


It’s important to loosen your fingers and get psychologically prepared to play music right before the lesson begins, and to continue with the momentum of the lesson while it’s still fresh in your mind. Even if you decide to spend this time doing any number of other things in the home that may need doing, it’s a better use of your time than driving through traffic or carrying your instrument on the bus.


Finally, showing up to class only to realize you forgot a necessary piece of equipment — for example, a tuner, metronome, picks, strings, or sheet music — at home will be a thing of the past. After all, home is where online lessons take place!


A musician’s growth used to be limited by geography. If their hometown was musical, you had better odds of finding someone talented to show you how to play. If nobody was musical near you, you were out of luck. Music is one of the most truly universal things in the world, so it’s fitting that there’s finally technology available to unite the student trying to learn with the best music teachers around the globe, and that’s at the heart of every lesson with musicU Live.