Learn to Play Flute from Home While in Isolation

Published by on June 8th, 2020 in music blog

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The Coronavirus has halted ordinary life around the world, as medical experts urge people to remain indoors for weeks on end to help contain its spread. Professionals everywhere have needed to make major adjustments to be able to work from home.

Life has been transformed as people wear masks and socially distance while buying groceries and medicine, or perhaps just stay home and have essential items delivered. This is first and foremost a time to make sure you and your community are safe, as nothing is more important than people’s health and wellbeing.

But as the months of home isolation continue, it’s important that people stay occupied and fulfilled. Playing and learning music is one of the most satisfying ways a person can spend their time — it’s associated with improved cognitive abilities and even euphoria.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are adjusting to office life at home and taking care of the kids, online lessons are so efficient that they make it possible to find the time. Whether you’re a seasoned player or you’re looking for flute lessons online for beginners to get you going, musicU.Live will help you accomplish your goals.

Read on to learn more about how our lessons work.

Wide Selection of Teachers

Leveraging the internet’s global reach is the best way to connect with a teacher well suited to your learning style, musical goals, and personal temperament. MusicU.Live has teachers around the world in every genre and smaller niche of music.

You don’t want a teacher who is merely familiar with the music you love — you want them to be an experienced specialist with a passion as burning as your own.

For example, it may be hard to find an experienced flute teacher who just happens to be in your neighbourhood, even before lockdown became necessary. But with flute teachers like Frances Thornton who have played for over 25 years, you’re sure to develop finer skills and evolve your very conception of music.

Thornton has a Master’s degree in Music Psychology, so her online flute classes are perfect for musicians looking to feel more comfortable playing on stage or in a studio setting. Thornton uses her musical education to reflect on her pedagogical practices to find ways to better address her students’ needs.

A multi-talented instrumentalist with experience playing and teaching both piano and flute, it’s easy to connect with teachers like Thornton via musicU.Live, even while she’s in Ireland and there’s a worldwide pandemic.

You wouldn’t set up a client with whatever resource was nearest at hand, so apply the same standard to yourself and find the teacher whose musical expertise and style perfectly complements your own.

Unparalleled Convenience

Taking lessons in your living room is simply the most efficient way you can learn music. Even before the lockdown began, home lessons erase the need for yet another commute.

Taking lessons outside the home means having to remember to bring all the things you need for a music lesson, such as: music books, notations, picks, slides, rosin, metronome, tuner, extra strings, and more. Now, you’ll always have everything you need for the lesson, without having to bother with packing and unpacking your gear, or even having to remember to bring it.

But now, while the Coronavirus has made ordinary day to day tasks more complex, you’ll really appreciate being able to get world-class music lessons without having to waste extra time or leave the safety and comfort of home isolation.

For busy professionals, the time saved is precious. With home lessons, a 45-minute lesson only consumes 45 minutes from your life. If you consider how much time could be wasted commuting back and forth, home music lessons can reduce the time by half — now and after lockdown, make music lessons efficient with live online home lessons.

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Everyone Has the Technology Already

There is a good chance you have already used the technology needed for home lessons when connecting with friends and colleagues during lockdown. People everywhere are reliant on online video technology to keep up with professional demands and social ties.

A device with a video camera that connects to the internet is all you need to take home online music lessons, yet these basic tools are extremely powerful. They’ll permit you to zoom in on your fingers so your teacher can assess your technique, while you can zoom in on their hands to closely monitor theirs.

Teachers can create custom exercises on the fly using a computer, so the notation is extra legible. The common microphones are of a high enough quality that it’s easy to hear the subtleties and dynamics of each note.

Even while in rooms separated by potentially thousands of miles, you’ll be able to connect with your teacher as if they were right there in front of you.

Whatever Instrument, Any Level

It doesn’t matter what your musical goals are, musicU.Live teaches a wide range of instruments and caters to all levels of ambition. Here is a list of some of the instruments and musical skills we teach:


  • Flute
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Saxophone
  • Violin
  • Studio production
  • Voice
  • Theory and counterpoint


Our teachers are suitable for all experience levels, so whether you’re a total beginner or you’d like to sharpen your skills before a big audition or performance, musicU.Live has what you need.

The teachers at musicU.Live are familiar with standard music exams around the world, and can help you prepare for tests and auditions for places like the Royal Conservatory, the Berklee School of Music, and many more.

On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to learn music for your own private satisfaction or to contribute more in casual jams with friends, our teachers will guide you pleasantly along this path in a way that holds you accountable, but without stressing you out.

A Welcome Distraction

Everybody needs to keep their mind occupied while doing their part to flatten the Coronavirus curve. Being apart from friends and family for so long presents the potential for mental health challenges, in addition to all the direct health challenges posed by the Coronavirus.

Everybody is hard-wired to respond to music, at least a little — even people who claim they can’t sing in key or hold a rhythm tap their foot or dance when there’s a beat. People have a profound connection to music that’s hard to describe.

Playing music is an impossibly vital and life-affirming hobby, but it takes on added importance while people are stuck indoors. Just like troops of socially-distanced musicians have hit the streets and the balconies playing for people to lift their spirits, playing music is a powerful way you can boost your own morale.

Between the need to keep busy in general and the specific ways playing music heightens our mood and even cognitive functions, learning to play music can be a truly wonderful way to stay busy while stuck indoors during the Coronavirus.

Professionals across industries have had their jobs turned upside down, and everybody has had to make serious adjustments in their work and personal lives as we all wonder what exactly the future will look like.

So many legal and medical professionals love online music lessons because they let them burn off steam in a way that’s very fulfilling and safe, even during a pandemic. If you want to get started on playing the flute or any other instrument to make isolation go by quicker, musicU.Live will get you there effectively and joyfully.