Your Kids Deserve an Edge with Online Piano Lessons

Published by on January 11th, 2019 in music blog

The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments for children in the world. An impressive 30% of young instrument players play the piano or the keyboard.

Learning the piano isn’t just about teaching kids how to read and play music. Piano lessons impart a ton of imp ortant skills that can help them thrive in school and life:

  • How to concentrate and push themselves; if you remember music lessons, you know that it takes practice, practice, and more practice. Piano lessons demonstrate first-hand how practice and hard work pay off.
  • Better speech and listening skills; research suggests that an early start with a musical education can improve brain development, including speech and listening.
  • Improved confidence; after all that practice and effort, there’s the recital. Performing in public from an early age will help kids build confidence about themselves and feel more comfortable going on stage. Even the most accomplished performers can feel nervous about getting on stage. Getting comfortable with performance means going out and doing it no matter how nervous you feel.

Where to Find Online Piano Lessons for Kids

You want to give your kids the best possible online piano lessons. But what if your local instructors don’t offer the kind of professionalism and expertise that you’re looking for? Online piano lessons for kids with musicU.Live give you access to music instructors from around the world. They have a passion for teaching and provide real-time feedback.

On-demand courses aren’t responsive. Children and adults both need interactive live online music classes to learn the most. Online piano lessons are more cost effective and flexible than live classes but provide the same interactive feedback students need to learn.

With online classes, you don’t need to worry about chauffeuring your kids to and from piano lessons. You can fit lessons around your family’s schedule and have them all take place at home.

The Advantage of Private Piano Lessons Online

Private piano lessons from musicU.Live offer music students of all ages the advantage of working with professional and passionate music instructors. Music teachers who work with us are globally recognized musicians who can guide students at any level.

Everyone can sharpen their skills through private piano lessons online, from beginners and young children to intermediate musicians who want to take their performances to the next level. With more access to worldwide musicians, there’s no skills cap when you use musicU.Live.

Learn Piano Online with Live Online Piano Lessons

A surprising 21% of children who play an instrument have never had music lessons. That means they’re learning with a variety of self-taught resources, including digital tools like video. While it’s not impossible, if you want your kids to get the best possible experience learning to play an instrument, sign them up for live online music lessons.

Live lessons provide live feedback and pointers. In music, there is no more valuable resource than a talented instructor’s live feedback. Live online music lessons means that instructors can examine things like finger and hand placement, teach children how to play without looking down at the keyboard, and make sure they’re doing hand movements correctly. These are important skills for piano students to learn and grow.

Piano isn’t the only instrument your kids can learn online either. If they’re not interested in piano, check out some of the many classes we offer with talented instructors worldwide. Learn how to play the violin, flute, keyboard, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and many more of the most popular instruments in the world.

As your kids get older, their interest may change as well. Piano is a great starter instrument, but as your kids grow into teens and their own musical tastes change, they may want to switch to live online guitar classes or one of many other instruments. It’s easy to find new music tutors with us.

Find music instructors anywhere in the world on our platform. Help your kids learn through a shared passion with talented instructors from across the world.