Keep the Kids Busy This Summer with Home Piano Lessons

Published by on July 13th, 2020 in music blog

This Summer Let Your Kids Learn Piano Skills Safely

The Coronavirus has shut down summer camps all over the world, so parents everywhere are finding ways to make sure their kids enjoy a summer unlike any before. Countries around the world are in lockdown, and while some are gradually re-opening, they’ll be doing so cautiously.

People have mainly been indoors for months, but now is not the time to get apathetic about containing the Coronavirus’ spread. It’s in this context that parents are looking for safe, fun, and productive ways to keep their children occupied over the summer.

That’s why so many are grateful for live online home piano lessons. Keep reading to learn more about why music lessons are so important for kids, and for more info on how sessions at musicU.Live work.

Kids Need Mental Stimulation for Their Development

When children are young, they soak up information like a sponge. The early years are very formative, as childhood experiences can have a very strong impact on their future development. Parents aren’t just looking for a way to keep their kids busy while they try to work productively from home — there’s a real concern that prolonged time indoors can negatively impact a child’s development.

Learning music has been linked with many improved cognitive functions like better memory and heightened creativity. Keeping mentally engaged is an important way to stay sharp and stave off cabin fever.

Starting a lifelong journey in music is one of the most enriching things a person can do — it’s hard to describe how much music means to people, but everybody responds to music either by dancing or by tapping their feet. Music is in everyone.

Plus, learning piano is good for the mind and body. Children learn the rudiments of music and they learn to control their hands and fingers. These mental and physical exercises are a great foundation on which children continue to build as adults.

We all need to stay busy and engaged during the Coronavirus lockdown, but it’s extra important for kids, especially during the summer when they’d otherwise be running around outside with their friends.

You Already Have the Tools Required

How many video calls have you already made while at home during isolation? The standard video and audio equipment is all you need for online classes at musicU.Live to connect with your teacher.

They’ll be able to zoom in on their hands to demonstrate a specific technique, and your child will be able to zoom in on their hands so they can be closely monitored. The speakers can be turned up as needed, so students and teachers will be able to hear every note ring out clearly.

Plus, their teacher will be able to make up musical exercises on the fly using their computer, so the writing will be extra legible and easy to follow.

It’s Safe, Efficient, and Convenient

Learning music from home is always the safest way possible. During the lockdown, there’s no need to step outside and risk exposure to the Coronavirus. You can conduct the entire lesson from your living room, or wherever you have the internet set up.

Even when people aren’t isolating at home, there’s no need to waste valuable minutes in traffic or risk an accident during the commute. If a lesson is scheduled to last 45 minutes, that’s how long your child will be occupied for, and you’ll get every minute of this time to yourself without having to drop off and pick up your child.

They can take the lesson safely in your home while you busily catch up on work or emails, household chores, or put your feet up and take a rest!

Pick from the Best Teachers, Anywhere

Kids need to match with a teacher who is truly the right fit for them. When a child is just starting to learn an instrument, the important thing is that their teacher ignites their love for music, so they are self-motivated to practice.

At first, it can be difficult because all children learn differently, and physically their hands are small, so it can be hard to reach the notes. The teacher they match with needs to be a suitable teacher for children.

It doesn’t matter if they have experience playing at Carnegie Hall if their teaching style and personality aren’t suitable for teaching young children. Harnessing the internet’s power to cast a wide net is a great way to connect your child with the teacher that’s perfect for them.

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Piano is Great for Kids

Piano specifically has been taught to children for years because all the notes are arranged in chronological order, so it’s easier to play other instruments later after building up the basics on the piano. It’s easier to envision a connection between a note’s relative pitch and its physical location, since the notes get progressively higher pitched as you move rightwards along the keyboard.

Not every instrument has its notes arranged so straightforwardly, like, for example, the saxophone. The strings on a guitar are tuned to be a fourth apart from each other. Most instruments require the player to get a sense of bearings and direction unique to that instrument, but piano is a straight line.

Not only that, but online piano classes are perfect for kids because it’s easy for them to produce clear tones on a piano. Sometimes young children struggle with pushing the strings down on a guitar or blowing a clear note on the trumpet.

But with piano all they need to do is press the key, and the hammer in back plucks the string itself or, in the case of electric keyboards, the tone plays through the speaker.

In the early stages of a child’s musical development, it’s important to give them a sense of accomplishment so they keep on wanting to learn. This can be challenging when it’s hard to produce even one clean tone from their instrument.

Basic songs like “chopsticks” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb” are perfect for beginners, while more advanced students can take the instrument as far as they’d like. Traditionally children learn songs on piano by classical composers like Beethoven or Chopin but teaching them pop songs that they already know is relatable and will motivate them to practice.

Lessons for All Instruments, All Levels

Maybe you’ve decided music lessons aren’t only for your children, and that you’d also like to learn an instrument — good! MusicU.Live has piano lessons at home for busy professionals that can help you accomplish your goals, and we also teach a range of other instruments.

  • Violin
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Ukulele
  • Studio production skills
  • Voice
  • Theory, harmony, counterpoint

Maybe you played an instrument when you were younger, and you’d like to freshen up your skills. Perhaps you want to take lessons so that you and your children can bond over your new journeys in music. Whatever your motivation and whatever your goals, the world-class teachers at musicU.Live can get you there.

Summer is supposed to be a time for kids to run around and explore, hang out with their friends, and learn and grow as people. The world has been thrust into quite an unprecedented situation with the Coronavirus, and that has rightfully made our collective health take precedence over all else.

So when you need a safe, fun, and productive way to keep your children busy this summer, signing them up for online piano lessons for kids is the perfect way to give them an enriching time. Then, when quarantine is over and everybody reunites, your child will dazzle them all with their piano playing skills.