An Introduction to Playing Guitar

Published by on January 7th, 2018 in News

Playing guitar is one of the most rewarding challenges a person can task themselves with. Now, with resources available to learn to play guitar online, learning is easier and more inexpensive than ever. That being said, picking up a new instrument isn’t easy. To learn to play, three key ingredients are required: hard work, determination, and you.


Congratulations on the beginning of your journey into musician-hood. In this post, you’ll be introduced to some basic information about your new lifelong friend, the guitar. Whether you’re picking up the electric or acoustic guitar, the following guide will keep you informed on your journey about just what it is that you’re holding.

Remember, if you haven’t begun to learn yet, there are stellar resources at your disposal to learn the acoustic guitar online or to learn the electric guitar online. All you need is your curiosity and love of music.

What You Need to Play

Before you start your lessons, be sure you have the following things you need to play guitar:

  • A six-string axe (aka, guitar)
  • An array of guitar picks, as they’re easy to lose
  • A comfortable, armless chair
  • Your hard work and determination.

Have you checked all of those off your list? Good. Time to move on to…

Parts of Your Guitar

For this section, the parts of your guitar will be listed from top to bottom. The top of your guitar is called the headstock. This is the name for the piece that protrudes from the neck and features six small knobs. The knobs are called tuners, and you will later use them to adjust the pitch of each one of your strings.

Moving down, you’ll see the neck of your guitar. This is where all the action happens. In no time, you’ll be playing your guitar by placing your fingers strategically in different combinations on the neck to create notes.

Finally, the large part of the guitar is called the body and contains the sound hole. Only acoustic guitars have deep, visible sound holes. The purpose of the hole is to amplify the music that you play. Acoustic guitars do this with pickups, or small microphones which capture the vibrations of the strings.

Tuning Your Guitar

When you first begin playing, tuning your guitar by yourself presents a very real challenge. It’s advised that you either do one of two things. The first is to employ the help of a friend who’s a guitar veteran and can do it easily. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary fix, as your guitar will fall out of tune again eventually.

The second is to invest in an electric guitar tuner. This small and relatively inexpensive piece of hardware listens as you play each string and communicates to you what needs to be adjusted. This is your best bet when you’re just starting out.

Remember that when you’re ready to start lessons, it’s easier than ever to learn to play guitar online. Enjoy!