Here’s Why Medical Professionals Learn Music with Live Online Lessons

Published by on January 6th, 2020 in music blog

Online Music Lessons
After spending so many years in school, medical professionals are understandably eager for time-saving ways to learn and study. Modern life is busy for people in many industries, especially those in medicine who often work incredibly long hours.


It’s important for everybody to find time outside of their profession to cultivate their interests and passions, like playing music. There’s something about music that’s inside of everybody: whether you can’t help but tap your feet to the beat or you’ve always wanted to play an instrument, everyone responds to music.


For medical professionals, studying and playing music can be a vital way to recharge and refresh after work, or help stave off burnout. Modern technology allows medical professionals to take classes with musicU.Live which save them time and connect them with the world’s best music teachers.


Keep reading to see what makes learning music with live one-on-one online lessons so effective.


Teachers from Around the World

Modern technology makes it easy for people from around the world to come face to face, opening up enormous possibilities when it comes time to finding a teacher who has the same music you do in their bones. Rather than just hope that the local teacher is a perfect fit, our technology opens up a worldwide search to connect you with one who is truly suitable.


Our teachers are all experienced musicians and experts in their craft. Online technology allows in-demand session and concert musicians to find time in their busy schedule to teach that they wouldn’t have if they needed to drive to the lesson.


You’ll always have lots of options to choose from when you pick from teachers working online, in whichever instrument you want. MusicU.Live offers classes in:


  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Flute
  • Voice
  • Violin
  • Studio production
  • Music theory


It’s not enough to pick a teacher who excels at their instrument. They need to be well versed in the specific niche of music you want to play, possessing deep knowledge of the music and experience in playing it.


If you want to play Bach on guitar, it doesn’t help if your teacher specializes in John Cage compositions or shredding a Van Halen solo. The techniques involved vary widely, even within genres. For example, when it comes to rock music, the technique and theory required to play a blues solo is very different than the cosmic tapping technique used up and down the neck by guitarists like Steve Vai.


Part of being steeped in a musical tradition is not just knowing how to play certain kinds of music, but what to listen to. Having a teacher who can expand your musical horizons by introducing you to music you’re likely to love is an important benefit you get from having a well-suited teacher.


Choosing from a pool of teachers located around the world means you can learn flamenco from a teacher in Spain, Delta blues from somebody in the American South, and match other local styles of music to a teacher who is genuinely from that place. While anyone can play any kind of music so long as they feel it in their heart, there is something to be said for being steeped in the place where a certain musical tradition was born.

online music lessons

Just like medical professionals have specialties they focus on, connecting with a musician at musicU.Live whose sensibilities overlap with yours and complements your style of learning is essential. You’ll love the rapport that develops over time with an expert in your favourite music who is so invested in your growth and development.


Why not take advantage of technology that can facilitate a world-wide search for the teacher who is just right for you?


Get a Boost from Technology

The cameras, microphones and computers used for live online lessons offer powerful teaching tools that make lessons more effective than if the teacher and student were simply in the same room.


For example, the music notation can be in PDF form, so the teacher can highlight exactly what sections need to be played, as well as create custom exercised on the fly. Playing music written in digital form as opposed to by hand is also more legible, so it can be read clearly.


The camera’s zooming feature allows teachers to see a close-up of their student’s fingers, so they can closely monitor their technique. They can use the same features to demonstrate certain skills to their students.


The average camera and microphone on computers today are high enough quality to make the picture and sound crystal clear — you’ll never have to struggle to see your teacher’s fingers or hear the low and high tones of their acoustic instrument ring out.


Music lessons have been popular for centuries, but students have never been able to benefit from learning tools like this. Just like the field of medicine benefits from new inventions, musicians are smart to take advantage of improved technology that helps them grow musically.


Unparalleled Convenience

Live online music lessons can be taken from anywhere in the world, which has a few major advantages. It saves busy medical professionals from yet another commute. Given how much time people waste in traffic every year, not having to leave your home is an important time saver.


In a pinch — say, if you need to work late in the office — you can arrange to do the lesson outside the home too. Online music lessons can be conducted wherever you have a computer, an internet connection and your instrument.


But there are also musical benefits. For example, home lessons let you use the same keyboard you practice on during your lessons. The weight of a piano or keyboard’s keys is extremely important, as a pianist gets extremely accustomed to the feel of their keys.  Taking your lessons where you practice means no adjustment is required, so playing feels natural.


Psychologically, it’s better to keep the practice and playing conditions as alike as possible. It’s a good idea to devote a little section of your home to playing music, so you can take lessons and practice in the exact same space.


Plus, you’ll never have to transport gear, or even remember to bring things like a music stand, slide, capo, tuner, metronome, picks, extra strings, your music, and of course your instrument. The convenience when taking lessons in your own home is simply unparalleled, something medical professionals really value.


Caters to All Ambitions

People come to music with different goals and expectations. Medical professionals are high achievers who take their time and their studies seriously, but that doesn’t mean they expect to play in Carnegie Hall.


Some take lessons to advance to the next grade at the conservatory or wherever they’re training, while other doctors are just looking for a productive hobby to relax with after work, or to sharpen their skills so they can sound better during casual jams with friends.


Lessons with musicU.Live can teach you composition or counterpoint, or add depth and colour to three-chord songs. Whatever your goals, there’s a teacher for you. Taking music lessons from home ensures you’ll always be in a safe and comfortable environment, and home music lessons can help people who need various accommodations for disabilities.


Doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals are used to high standards in their work, and they don’t want mediocrity in what little spare time they have. It doesn’t matter how busy people are in their career; they can’t neglect the things that make life worth living. Click here to learn more about all the lessons we offer, or to begin the first steps in signing up for lessons.