Get an Online Boost Before Your Big Music Exam

Published by on April 5th, 2019 in music blog

Music exams can be stressful — they combine the pressures of a regular test with the anxiety surrounding stage fright. You might be nervous in advance, but once you sit with your instrument and the test begins — if you’ve prepared well your training kicks in — you’ll ace it!

There are important technical and theoretical lessons you can get from the comfort of your own home by getting online lessons. Here are the reasons why musicians should get online lessons before a big music exam.

Connect with the Right Piano Teacher

If you want access to the widest pool of teachers, you have to check out the online space. Whatever style you’re being tested in, you can give your kids an edge with piano lessons from an online teacher because you’re likely to find someone who plays exactly the same kind of music.

It doesn’t matter whether your child needs to play Bach for a conservatory exam or something more unconventional for an entrance exam. There is a teacher online who specializes in it.

Find the Right Guitarist

It’d be great if the right guitar teacher happened to live around the corner, but it’s rare that the local guy advertising his teaching skills on the flyer is actually the perfect fit. You can take online guitar lessons and get the same lessons on fingering and techniques you would if the teacher were there with you in person.

The guitar is a physical instrument — the piano requires dexterity and technique too, but even a beginner can press the key and make a note sound clearly. With the guitar, it can be harder for a novice to produce a clear tone in the beginning. The camera and technology permits online teachers to assess the technique used and give directions for improvement.

For example, fingers should be rounded, so it’s the tip of the finger which is pressing down on the string. The finger should be near the fret, just to the left of it, but not touching it: you want the string to be contacting the fret on the neck cleanly. This kind of instruction can be given clearly through online lessons, and is supplemented by the teacher’s own example on live video.

Work out the Theory

There are legendary stories about the early days of bebop jazz in New York City, where Thelonious Monk would sit with other bop heroes like Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker and work out theoretical concepts for them on the piano. Monk has sadly passed away years ago, but you can learn about the importance of music theory by hiring an online music teacher!

You can freshen up on the basics like the cycle of fourths and fifths or reading the notes on the staff, or learn about advanced concepts of harmony and counterpoint. Whether you’re studying music theory to prepare for a test, because it gives practical knowledge to help you write songs or simply because it’s fascinating, there are teachers online with very deep knowledge that will help you.

If your child needs support before a music exam, online lessons are a great way to give them a surge of instructions and the boost they need to gain confidence.