Busy? No Problem, There’s Always Time for Online Music Lessons

Published by on April 6th, 2020 in music blog

Busy? No Problem, There’s Always Time for Online Music Lessons

Just because a professional is very committed to their job does not mean they need to skip the things in life that are truly special. Many people struggle today to find a satisfying work-life balance, and everybody needs to weigh their priorities as they see fit.

But no matter how busy your work life is, it’s essential not to miss out on quality time with family and friends — and also, yourself. Lawyers, realtors, finance or tech professionals and many others can always find more work-related tasks to do if they look, but they need to carve out time to pursue their own passions that fulfill the soul.

Otherwise, it’s easy to burnout, which immediately hampers your ability to do your job effectively. Professionals make compromises on their personal time by staying late or coming to the office early, but that’s different than completely sacrificing things that make life worth living.

Keep reading to see why deciding to take music lessons online with musicU.Live teachers is the best and most time effective way for busy professionals to learn a musical instrument.

Fits Your Schedule

After a long day at work, the last thing you’ll want to do is travel to one more place – now, there’s no need. Use modern tech to take a music lesson right in your own home, or wherever you have an internet connection.

Even if the lesson were located near your home, commuting involves having to drive, find parking, and all of this consumes extra time. If it takes you about 20 minutes in each direction, suddenly a 45-minute lesson takes about an hour and a half out of your day.

Professionals often need to catch up on emails or any number of things in the evening, and their need for rest and relaxation is well earned. That’s why music lessons for busy professionals need to save them the maximum amount of time possible.

Connect with the Best Teachers

You wouldn’t waste a client’s time, so why waste your own? It’s great if a music lesson takes as few minutes out of your day as possible, but those minutes need to be effective. This means finding a teacher who is a great fit.

The right teacher for you should be incredibly familiar with the music you love, both in terms of playing technique and knowing the genre’s best artists. Your music teacher will also play the role of mentor and music guide who expands your appreciation and understanding of music, even as they teach you the intricacies of an instrument.

For these reasons, they must be aligned with your personality and learning style. The more niche your musical interests, the harder it will be to find someone nearby capable of teaching it with sufficient depth: you can’t always find an expert on Chopin, Ravel, or Segovia just around the corner!

Learn Any Instrument, Any Ambition

Are you just beginning your musical quest, or looking to play the Albert Hall? Maybe you grew up playing one instrument, but have always yearned to play another.

Perhaps you’ve decided to learn to play the flute because you already know the alto or tenor sax, and another woodwind instrument is relatively easy to learn. Whatever your musical goals, the devoted teachers at musicU.Live can help you attain them.

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills to improve your solo performances, pass a Royal Conservatory exam, or bring more oomph into your weekly jam session with friends, musicU.Live can get you there.

Here’s a list of some of the instruments our specialists teach:


  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Bass
  • Clarinet
  • Studio production
  • Theory, harmony, counterpoint


No matter how intense or casual your musical ambitions, or whether you want violin lessons so you can play Bartok or to make modern studio tracks, our teachers have you covered.

Maximum Comfort

Where is a person more comfortable than in their own home? This has important implications for playing music too, since a musician needs to be perfectly at ease to perform at their best.

Some music lessons are conducted in a musty basement somewhere. For piano students or drummers, it’s not fair for a teacher to evaluate them or check their progress when they’re using a different instrument in the lesson than the one they practice on at home.

Piano keys are weighted, and no two instruments feel exactly alike. If a pianist practices with weighted keys, it’s very hard to switch to super flimsy keys for a lesson.

People who play guitar don’t need to worry about this, but home lessons makes their life easier and more comfortable too. They no longer need to pack all their accessories, including things like guitar picks, extra strings, tuner, metronome, slide, capo, and of course their music notes.

The days of lugging musical gear across the city are over, as is forgetting to bring required accessories to a lesson. You’ll always have everything you need to learn, and you’ll feel comfortable playing music in such familiar settings.

Safety Assured

These are extraordinary times, with the Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19) spreading around the world and governments urging citizens to remain at home to prevent further spread. Taking online music lessons from home is a completely safe occupation for people in isolation due to Covid-19, and a great way to keep entertained and engaged.

Even when there isn’t a pandemic spreading, online music lessons spare students from having to take to the road, and there’s no risk associated with being out late at night. There is no safer place to be than your own home, and with musicU.Live you’ll never have to leave it.

Relieve Stress

Listening to music is a wonderful way to absorb your mind, but playing music does even more to take you out of the moment. Playing a musical instrument engages most of the complex aspects of human cognition, and it’s associated with improving things like focus, memory, and mood.

Whether you are consumed by the stresses of ordinary life or there’s something extreme going on like Covid-19, having an instrument to turn to when life gets stressful is truly a gift that will always be there for you.

Team Up and Jam

Finally, music can be extremely social — use a webcam to jam in the days of social distancing. Music has been called a language unto itself, and musicians communicate with each other when they play. Sharing ideas and spurring each other on is an essential part of the dialogue that is playing music.

Everyone has their own musical temperament, and perhaps your way of making music a social experience is by doing a solo performance for friends. Playing a song with friends, or taking turns soloing in a blues jam, are both classic ways to make music truly fun and social.

From the drumming rituals of millennia ago to parades and concerts today, music has always brought people together. You can bring the people close to you even closer by taking up a musical instrument.

Even people with the busiest careers make sure to find time for life-enriching, joyful activities. From a stritly professional standpoint, nobody can go without a recharge from time to time.

The situation concerning Covid-19 changes daily, but for now medical professionals all advise social distancing, remaining in isolation at home as much as possible. Whether you’re adapting to the increased amount of time we need to spend at home to keep healthy or you’re simply looking for the most time-effective way to fit music into a busy schedule, musicU.Live can get you playing an instrument quickly and safely.