Even the Busiest Professionals Need the Gift of Music

Published by on March 10th, 2020 in music blog

Even the Busiest Professionals Need the Gift of Music
Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything we need to do. Especially for those who work in finance, real estate, or the tech industry, it can feel like you’re always in the office — even when you finally leave, work emails blur the lines between work hours and personal life.


This goes double for professionals who often have to travel, like consultants, businessmen, and others. Are such busy professionals expected to miss out on some of life’s greatest pleasures because they’re too busy working, like playing music? Of course not!

Read on to learn more about how even the busiest professionals manage to find time to enrich their life with live online music lessons conducted right from their own home.


Hobbies Like Music are Essential, Not a Luxury

There are good reasons to feel like you need to work 80-hours a week or more when you have major professional responsibilities. You’re depended on to generate business, you don’t want to let colleagues down, and you have a family and a mortgage to pay for — the stress is understandable!


However, spending time engaged in real hobbies helps you avoid burnout. You won’t be doing anyone at work any favours if you’re too wound up to perform well at your job. Not only that, music particularly is associated with things like improved creativity, perspective, confidence, and more.


Naturally, during a real crunch it’s OK to bear down and spend long and gruelling hours at the office. But day to day, your career may actually suffer if you don’t take time off to pursue hobbies and passions, especially ones like playing music which help with cognitive functions.


Don’t get sucked into the kind of thinking that values sacrifice above all, and is wary of putting self-interest above work: taking care of your well-being is essential for your career. Manage a responsible work-life balance by pursuing hobbies that are relaxing and stimulating, like learning to play music.


Convenience is Second to None

Lessons at musicU.Live offer unparalleled convenience because they can be taken right in your living room, or anywhere with an internet connection. This has obvious advantages for busy professionals.


After a long day at the office, you don’t need to get back in your car and navigate rush hour traffic to drive to your lesson. When you finally reach home, you can just stay there.


Even when you’re in your home city, you’ll never have to waste time commuting. A 45-minute music lesson will always take exactly 45 minutes out of your life, never a minute more. This makes scheduling more predictable, and of course every minute is valuable.


Those who travel for work don’t need to miss a lesson! All you need to do is have your instrument and a device that can connect to the internet, and you can have your music lesson from anywhere in the world.


Naturally, this is hard to do if you’re a drummer or a pianist, but if you learn to play the ukulele or even a guitar (especially the smaller travel guitars, or a three-quarter size), you can bring an instrument on the road when you need to recharge and take a good break from work.


Find the Best Teacher

Relying on local teachers means you leave it to luck that the local one is a good fit. Does the neighbourhood music teacher have a lot of experience playing exactly the kind of music you love? Does their teaching style complement how you learn?


It’s important that music teachers and their students develop a good rapport. Unlike, say, your grade 10 science teacher, the music teacher you have as an adult will be more of a peer — you’ll develop an ongoing relationship based on shared passions.


Your teacher will become a mixture of friend, teacher and overall musical guide. They won’t just teach you to play an instrument: they’ll broaden your horizons and expand how you think and feel about music.


This means they can teach you about song composition and harmonic concepts like the table of fifths or fourths, but they’ll also introduce you to artists and even genres you didn’t know before.


For example, many people love rock and roll but don’t necessarily know much about its roots. You might know about Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, but not Robert Johnson. There’s a difference between having merely heard of the King of the Delta Blues, and knowing all his tunings and techniques.


Maybe you like famous bossa nova musicians like Carlos Jobim, but are unfamiliar with Brazilian soul legends like Tim Maia. Your favourite musician could be someone you haven’t yet encountered! That’s why having a musical mentor with vast musical experience is such an asset.


Harness the power of the internet to cast a wide search for the perfect music teacher at musicU.Live so you can learn piano or many other instrument, such as: guitar, violin, bass, drums, composition, harmony, studio production, and more.


Save Time with Powerful Teaching Aids

Busy professionals don’t have time to waste with subpar teachers using outdated teaching methods. The everyday technology found on the average laptop or tablet is more than enough to facilitate live, long-distance lessons.


The quality on the average computer microphone enables students to hear the subtle nuances of their teacher’s playing, so they’ll hear the pitch and feel the texture of every note. Likewise, the cameras can pan in and out in high-definition, allowing students to see close-up details of their teacher’s fingers.


For certain instruments like guitar, this can be very important. Students may need to see what part of the finger their teacher is using to press the strings down — the very tip for single notes, the fleshy part for barre chords. Even certain slide techniques and things like artificial harmonics require a more detailed look at the fingers on both hands.


Plus, teachers can make custom exercises for students on the fly using computers that are easier to understand than hand-scrawled notes on a musical staff. Because they’re in PDF form, the portion of notes that students are supposed to play can be highlighted for extra clarity.


Give yourself the same level of treatment you give clients. If you want professional violin lessons or want to take up any other instrument, use the latest advances in music teaching by signing up for live online lessons with musicU.Live.


Get to Whatever Level You Need

The expert teachers at musicU.Live can help you reach your goals, however ambitious or modest they are. Many professionals already learned to play an instrument when they were younger, and don’t need to begin from scratch.

However, there’s a big difference between sharpening your musical chops to improve jams with friends and developing your technique and theory knowledge to pass a Royal Conservatory test or audition. Maybe you want to learn to play a second instrument like the ukulele because you play guitar already, and this requires shared skills.

However far you want to go, the expert teachers at musicU.Live can get you there.


Many people wish for more hours in a day to get their work done, but you don’t want to look back on your life and feel like your career made you neglect the truly joyful, beautiful things in life, like playing an instrument. No matter how long you spend in the office or on the road, there’s no excuse —  with convenient and powerful music lessons from musicU.Live, even the busiest professionals can find time to enjoy the gift of music.