Easy Songs to Play on Ukulele for Beginners

Published by on April 16th, 2018 in News

The ukulele is a unique instrument. Although it looks like a tiny version of a guitar, it has its very own history. The ukulele, a 19th century Hawaiian invention, is cataloged in the lute family. Most have four nylon strings, making them easy to play without a pick. Recently, many youngsters are expressing interest to learn to play this uniquely toned instrument. However, finding a suitable instructor can be a real challenge. Online courses are the perfect solution for many reasons.

Playing the ukelele

Choosing Your Instrument

If you’ve done your pre-lesson homework, then you already know there are four different types of ukuleles.

  • Soprano – 21 inches
  • Concert – 23 inches
  • Tenor – 26 inches
  • Baritone – 30 inches

The soprano ukulele is the standard, and best for beginners. Once mastered, you may choose to learn how to enhance songs with any of the other styles.


When you enroll for online ukulele lessons for beginners you immediately have access to instructors from all over the world. If you’re a beginner, you may be matched with a native Hawaiian who will teach you on the soprano ukulele. But, if you’re ready for something more advanced, you may have access to a licensed teacher from Portugal, where the ukulele’s predecessor, a machete, is still played.


Your daily life is filled with places to be, things to do, and lists to make about all the places and things you’ll need to do the next day. Finding time to commute to a local lesson consistently just doesn’t work for you. The best part of taking ukulele lessons online, is that you can do it from your own home. In fact, chances are good that your teacher will be in a different time zone, making it possible for you to pluck those strings in the middle of the night if you’re a night owl.


Certified, licensed teachers of the ukulele in your neighbor can charge exorbitant rates due to the uniqueness of their skill. Sign up for online ukulele lessons and pay the same rate whether you continue with this instrument, or transition to the guitar, piano, or even bagpipes!

Whether you want to learn a few simple tunes or become a pro, taking ukulele lessons online will help you reach your goal.