Modern Music Classes for Medical Professionals: Live and Online Lessons

Published by on December 6th, 2019 in music blog

online music lessons for medical professionals
Pursuing your passion for music after a long, draining day at the office or the hospital can be difficult. Whether you’re a surgeon, a radiologist, or a general practitioner, spending all day focused on people’s health is stressful. The amount of focus required can be cognitively and emotionally consuming.

The hours are also extremely long, too. Yet that’s why playing music is so necessary: it’s such a special release! It has a way of making you forget about the toils of the day and transporting you to somewhere altogether different. Playing your favourite instrument is a priceless joy in life, and taking lessons to steadily improve on it is a rich satisfaction that’s hard to put into words.

The trouble medical professionals have is finding a way to carve out time for what they know is essential in such a busy schedule. The time and energy to navigate traffic and make another commute just isn’t there.

That’s why so many medical professionals today have taken to learning how to play music with live online lessons. Not only is it more convenient, but harnessing this technology opens you up to a wider pool of teachers, and also lets you benefit from various helpful features.

Doctors don’t have time to waste on sub-par lessons or unprofessional teachers. Read on to learn why so many medical professionals are coming to musicU.Live to learn how to play musical instruments from their own homes using live one-on-one online lessons.

Music Teachers are Certified Professionals

While musicians aren’t enrolled in as much formal post-secondary education as medical professionals (indeed, nobody is!), playing music requires mastering a highly specialized subset of skills. There isn’t just one thing our teachers practiced called “playing music”; they worked on numerous skills throughout their development.
Other skills associated with playing music include:

  • Ear/pitch training
  • Sight reading
  • Music theory
  • Music production
  • Knowledge of counterpoint and composition
  • Various techniques for different styles and instruments
  • Music history


These are all developed over years of practice, formal training, and playing — it’s important to find a teacher who possesses these skills, rather than just somebody who can play an instrument. Whether you’re taking music lessons in order to advance through the Royal Conservatory or whatever testing centre is near you, or you’re just looking to blow off steam after work, proper development requires understanding music’s rudiments and fundamentals.

Beyond music skills, the teachers at musicU.Live all have years of experience teaching students, as spreading knowledge is its own complex field of study. We hire global certified professional instructors who know music inside out, and who have developed specific teaching skills after years of experience.

Unparalleled Convenience, Effortless Preparation

Our online music lessons can be taken from anywhere in the world, so they save you from having to lug your instrument in the car and contend with traffic yet again. Nobody likes to waste time, but if you’re staying late at the hospital or working a double-shift, the very last thing you’ll want to deal with is the gridlock affecting cities around the world.

Saving time is a major benefit in and of itself, but being able to take lessons from home also means that you’ll always have everything you need for the lesson — you’ll never even get the chance to forget to bring all the supplies required for a lesson, such as: capos, picks, your music notation and notes, tuners, metronomes, and more. There’s nothing worse than finally arriving at a music lesson, only to realize that the lesson is spoiled because you forgot your music at home.

Carve out a section of your home devoted to playing music with all the equipment you need, and take your lessons in this space. Practically speaking, you’ll always have everything necessary to play your music, but this space can also function psychologically as a sanctuary or refuge that melts away the stresses of the day.

Taking the lesson in familiar surroundings helps to keep your mind focused on playing. Plus, lessons are about showing your teacher what skills you’ve absorbed. Having to exhibit the skills in the same conditions in which you practiced them will make lessons feel natural and comfortable.

Practically speaking, if you take live piano classes with online lessons, you can use your own piano or keyboard rather than a different instrument with keys that may not have the same feel and weight as the one you practice on.

No two instruments are exactly alike, and practicing for hours on one set of keys only to have to switch and demonstrate your progress on a different instrument isn’t really fair to the student. Musicians play best on their own instrument, and that’s the one they should be judged on.

Look Everywhere for the Right Teacher

online music lessons for medical professionals

Medical professionals don’t have time to waste with mediocre teachers who are only vaguely familiar with the kind of music they want to learn. Casting your search online lets you find the right live music class for you by broadening the search for a teacher as much as possible.

The ability to connect with teachers from everywhere greatly increases the odds that you’ll find one who matches your learning style and personality. You wouldn’t consult a radiologist if you had a broken bone no matter how much you respected that doctor’s medical expertise overall, and in just the same way, it doesn’t help to learn from a master of classical music if you’re trying to play Broadway tunes or blues.

Their specific musical expertise needs to be aligned with your area of interest. The music teachers at musicU.Live have vast experience playing and teaching in the widest range of styles, so you’ll find the musical specialist you need.

While developing musical techniques is the primary point of the lessons, you’re likely to develop rapport with anybody who also loves your favourite artists and helps you develop your passion. This is also an extremely important part of your overall development, since it will expand your musical horizons by introducing you to music you didn’t know you loved.

Having a like-minded expert musician in your corner will benefit you in ways that transcend the physical instrument itself, and really need to be experienced to be understood and properly appreciated.

Technology is a Powerful Learning Tool

The explosion of technological advancement of the last few years has changed many facets of modern life, and the technology relied upon for live online music lessons has also gotten a major boost.

Teachers can zoom in on their hands to model the proper technique, and can change the focus to look closer at how their students are playing. Teachers can highlight the exact portion of the music you’re playing on a PDF file, then make and send you custom technical exercises.

The improved technology doesn’t just make your life more convenient; it also allows for a better and more effective music lesson. Just like medical procedures improve with advances in technology, better communications technology allows for improved music lessons too.

You wouldn’t needlessly waste the time of a client or patient with subpar medical practice when better alternatives are available, so why not treat yourself with the same high standard when it comes to obtaining life enriching skills? You only have so much time and energy to give after a long day treating patients, so connect with us today to get enrolled in live online music classes right away.