Busy Professionals Isolating with Families Need Piano at Home

Published by on June 1st, 2020 in music blog

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As the world continues trying to contain the Coronavirus, daily life seems to be suspended indefinitely as medical experts urge people to stay at home as much as possible to flatten the curve. Industries are adjusting to the new realities, and professionals are trying to work as much as they can remotely from home to be safe.

The Coronavirus is a medical emergency that transcends the importance of our everyday work-life, yet business must go on in whatever way experts deem safe.

This is causing professionals with kids whose ordinary lives are very busy to juggle their careers and their parentings duties without any outside help. With things like parks and summer camps closed, people are spending way more time than they’re used to indoors, and they need productive and healthy ways to keep their minds busy.

Read on to learn why home online piano lessons with musicU.Live is the perfect way for busy professionals to safely and enjoyably spend their time during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Find the Most Suitable Teacher

Even before the Coronavirus, leveraging the internet’s connective power to find an experienced pianist in your chosen genre was a powerful tool. While professionals are largely stuck inside while isolating at home, the ability to connect with someone across the world takes on additional significance.

Piano teachers aren’t just there to impart a skill or two — they play the role of musical guide, mentor, and even ambassador of their favourite genre. Whether it’s online piano lessons for children or for adults, the teacher’s job is to develop how students feel and think about music.

MusicU.Live is proud to have expert piano teachers with their PhD in music like Dr. Michael Williams, a lecturer at the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Waikato in composition, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, and music aesthetics.

It really helps a student’s musical development to be able to bounce ideas off someone with Dr. Williams’ vast playing, writing and teaching experience. A graduate in piano performance, his three decades of experience teaching the instrument is something students should take advantage of.

The local teacher putting up flyers in the neighbourhood isn’t likely to be an experienced and professional musician. Even when there isn’t currently a pandemic going on, finding the ideal piano teacher can be very hard.

Using the power of the internet allows you to find a piano teacher well versed in the musical niche you love. Sometimes music has important geographical roots. If you want to connect with a pianist steeped in the local traditions of famous music haunts like New Orleans or Memphis, you can find them online and have them appear in your living room.

You wouldn’t set a client up with some subpar, so apply these standards to yourself and find the piano teacher who is truly right for you.

Safe and Simple

Life during the Coronavirus has been stressful and confusing at times, as there have been some conflicting reports about things like how long the virus can survive on different surfaces or what precautions the public ought to take. Health matters above all right now, and people need ways to keep entertained that they know without a doubt are safe.

When people do have to go in public, experts advise they stand at least six feet away from anybody else, and wear a mask over their mouth and nose to prevent germs from spreading. It’s in this context that we make it possible to take live online piano lessons without even stepping foot outside your home, so nobody risks exposure to the Coronavirus.

Fast and Convenient

online piano music lessons

Juggling work obligations with family life during isolation doesn’t leave much spare time. Live and online home piano lessons are the most efficient way possible to learn to play the instrument.

Live online home lessons only take up as much time as the lesson itself — there is never any time wasted on things like commuting, or waiting for your teacher’s previous lesson to wrap up.

These lessons are a big asset when there is no lockdown in place, but it’s also an extremely useful way to keep you or your family occupied while dealing with so many responsibilities in isolation.

Avoid Burnout, Light Your Passion

Professionals often sacrifice personal time for their work, but with so many people working so hard from home, the lines have been blurred between office and home life even more than they normally are. Lawyers, medical professionals, tech workers and others usually feel pressure to work constantly, but they’re wise to carve out time for themselves to pursue their passions and recharge their batteries.

It’s essential for both parents and their children to avoid cabin fever while remaining indoors for so long, and music provides a rich and vast world in which to get lost. Professionals can easily get carried away by their work obligations, and ironically this can lead to burnout that reduces their performance at their job.

Meanwhile, kids need time to play, experiment, imagine and grow, and providing this type of enrichment in isolation can be very challenging. Whether you’re a busy parent looking to keep your child stimulated, or you simply need 45 minutes where they’re under someone else’s supervision, live online piano lessons are the perfect way to take a deep breath and recharge your spirit.

You Already Have the Equipment

Busy professionals have likely been on Zoom meetings with colleagues as well as family and friends lately. The only requirements for live online music lessons is a standard computer, phone or tablet that connects to the internet, which you no doubt already have.

The common electronic devices all have lenses and microphones which are a high enough grade for remote piano lessons. Students must be able to hear the nuances of their teacher’s playing. Piano has its own textural aspects which make the instrument come so alive. Students will be able to turn the volume up as needed on their end, so every note rings true.

Teachers can also zoom in on their hands to model the right technique, so students can see close-ups if they need to. It’s easy for students to ask questions in real time, and the equipment to do so is already in their home.

All Instruments and Abilities

Everybody has different musical goals, and the professional piano teachers at musicU.Live can help you accomplish yours, however motivated or relaxed they may be. In addition to piano, we teach multiple other musical instruments and skills:


  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Saxophone
  • Violin
  • Ukulele
  • Voice
  • Harmony and counterpoint
  • Studio production


Many professionals grew up playing music as children, so perhaps they’re already advanced players just looking to further develop their skills. Perhaps you don’t even have strictly defined musical goals, and you just want to play music to blow off steam or enjoy a new hobby.

Our music lessons are designed to meet your needs and wants, so they can be as fun or as rigorous as you want them to be.

The Coronavirus is changing the world in numerous ways, and the best thing people can do now is follow medical advice as closely as possible — stay home as much as you can, and wear a mask and practice social distancing when being in public is necessary.

But while you are home and in need of healthy and productive ways to keep busy in isolation, connect with the teachers at musicU.Live and get playing your favourite songs on piano today.