Avoid Cabin Fever and Learn Music, Safely

Published by on May 12th, 2020 in music blog

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The Coronavirus has changed the world in the past few months for professionals and businesses alike, with daily life in countries everywhere grinding to a halt as health experts urge people to remain indoors. The best way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is to stay in your home alone or with a small number of people.

At this time it’s important to stay calm, prioritize health above all, and closely follow all medical advice: wash your hands frequently, try not to touch your face, and stay at least six feet away from anyone else when you do need to leave home.

Some medicals professionals like doctors or nurses are on the front-lines of the fight against Coronavirus, while others like lawyers or businessmen are trying to do as much work as they can remotely, from home.

Whether you’re a professional who needs to unwind after a long and stressful day or you suddenly have newfound time at home, there’s been a resurgence of productive and engaging activities people can do from home. Now is also a great time for online music lessons because playing an instrument helps keep your mind busy, and it’s an amazing way to stave off cabin fever.

Social distancing doesn’t mean professionals need to lose all contact with the outside world. Keep reading to learn more about how live online music lessons will help keep your mind active indoors in a way that’s totally safe.

Connect with the Right Teacher

Even in home isolation, music students don’t have time to waste with teachers who are a bad fit. The internet offers a powerful way to connect with a teacher whose music tastes, personality and teaching style align with yours.

Professionals have no time to waste, especially when they need to juggle housework, family and various obligations. Practicing music takes dedication and energy, so it’s important to connect with a teacher who really motivates you.

Plus, music teachers do more than just teach you a song or a skill. They become your mentor during this musical journey, expanding your horizons by exposing you to new artists you didn’t know you’d love.

Finding the right teacher allows you to pick the brain of a specialist in your favourite music. For fans of regional music, this can be an important way to get insights from a musician steeped in the local traditions.

Some music is broad and simple enough that you don’t need a niche skill set to be able to play — guitar teachers from different backgrounds can all teach students how to play the Oasis song Wonderwall, or camp fire favourites like John Denver’s Country Roads.

But what if you want to drum a New Orleans second-line rhythm? Or play a Brazilian bossa nova or samba? Having a teacher who is of these traditions, instead of one who has simply learned about them, is invaluable.

Most Efficient Way to Learn

Taking live online home lessons is simply the fastest and most effective way to learn music. When home isolation is no longer necessary, online home music lesson will save you from having to make yet another commute.

A 45-minute music lesson will only ever take 45 minutes out of your busy schedule. There will never be a need to pack your instrument and accessories into the car to battle gridlocked streets.

Busy professionals have a lot on the go, inside and outside the office. It’s important in life to make sure work obligations don’t take over and make us neglect our passions.

Come to musicU.Live to take advantage of the most streamlined way to learn music possible, with live online home lessons.

Caters to All Ambitions

How far do you want to take your music? What are your musical goals? Some students are just looking for a healthy way to blow off steam after work. Others want to bring a little more oomph and sharper riffs to their weekly jam with friends

Perhaps you played music as a child, and want to regain the joy and spark from years ago. Or maybe you’ve kept it up all these years, and want to improve still more.

Whether you take your music as seriously as your profession our teachers will help you reach your goals, however ambitious or casual they may be!

If you need to pass a Royal Conservatory Test, audition for a program somewhere, or you are simply learning to play songs you love, the dedicated experts at musicU.Live will get you there.

Technology is a Major Tool

Online home music lessons rely on technology that is extremely powerful, but also commonly available. The average video camera and microphone in a standard laptop, tablet or smartphone is more than capable of providing a clear picture between student and teacher that will facilitate knowledge transfer.

If a student wants to see their teacher’s fingers, the teacher can set up the camera on the appropriate hand and then zoom in as needed. The microphones and speakers are more than good enough to convey the subtle nuances of a note, including the tone and dynamic with which it was played.

Conveying this nuance is important with more advanced musical concepts like ghost notes, slides, certain kinds of drum rolls, glissando violin slides, and more.

Keeping the Mind Busy is Vital

Learning music is associated with improved mood, concentration, and even things like better memory and language development. Playing an instrument is to the brain what lifting weights is to your bicep.

Plus, with people staying home more than ever, we need ways to keep “cabin fever” at bay that are safe and productive. When spending time together with friends is impossible, you’ll love having a musical instrument to keep you company.

If you feel a little cooped up at home, learning music is a great way to keep your mind active. Even when people are able once again to travel freely, playing music is a phenomenal way to get your mind off of work or whatever stresses are in your life, and focus on something beautiful and personal.

All Kind of Instruments

Are you a musician who was curious about learning to play a different instrument? Maybe you grew up on the piano because your parents thought drums were too loud, but now you’re able to get out all your rhythmic urges.

The teachers at musicU.Live specialize in a wide variety of instruments, from live violin lessons to many reed instruments and studio skills:


  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Piano and keyboard
  • Drums
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Voice
  • Theory
  • Harmony and counterpoint
  • Studio production


On a certain level, all music boils down to 12 different notes arranged in different octaves, and each instrument has its own sound and feel. It’s not uncommon for guitar players to learn other string instruments like piano or bass, or for alto sax players to play a tenor as well.

If you want to make a sideways adjustment or learn a completely new instrument or skill set, you can click here to read more about how the experts at musicU.Live make it fun, easy, and safe.

It’s important during uncertain times to stay calm, trust real medical experts, and follow their advice closely. For the time being, leading epidemiologists are recommending everybody to avoid touching their face, frequently wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, and to stay home as much as possible except to get weekly groceries or take short walks outside, while remaining at least six feet away from anybody else at all times.

The Coronavirus is upending our ordinary daily life for now, but there are productive and healthy things professionals can do to stay occupied and engaged. For those looking to start or continue learning music and keep cabin fever away — whether you’re at home or doing such important work now on the frontlines of the fight against Coronavirus — the live home lessons offered online with musicU.Live is a safe and productive way to get playing.