musicU.Live Online Christmas Concert Preparation – It is Coming to Life!

Published by on October 30th, 2018 in music blog

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Wow, things are growing fast these days… You listen to your students play their instrument in your classroom, during lesson, and you feel hardly related to all the “new” ways that are now available to enable you to listen to, advise, encourage, foster young musicians around the world.

Then, one day, you feel brave enough, say to yourself. “Why not?” and you take your chance and jump into this new adventure: join an online Academy such as musicU.Live.

All of a sudden, you are available to any potential student, all around the world. Does this work? Yes, it really does! Of course, you can’t touch your students, make them directly feel things such as weight, muscle relaxation or tension; but it is not difficult to learn other ways to pass on the same concepts. On the other hand, you have no more borders and your time becomes so optimized, that it is definitely worth-while learning to move in this new environment.

Yet, one little perplexity still remains: it all seems so cold and impersonal behind the screen once the students are off, no deep relationship, no staff nor colleagues, just names and email addresses…

At least, so it seems, until this new idea comes up: why not team up with a few fellow teachers and gather online for a Christmas concert?

From this very moment, since our first online meeting to decide repertoire and schedule, the whole thing comes to life: we are tangible human beings again, Pamela, Josh, Bernard and myself, we are sharing ideas, discussing, talking music, joking, finally playing, joined together in four different parts of the world!

This is not an entirely new thing, I know, we are not the first ones experiencing the thrill and excitement of engaging in an online chamber music concert. But what makes it so special, at least for me, is that this deep relationship that comes from playing together and growing a new project together immediately reflects itself on our being part of a professors team: our motivation flows directly into our teaching activity and suddenly we are in touch, collaborating, breathing together, aiming at the same results. No more gap between this and the “real world” and this reminds me that, among the different meanings of the word “Academy”, there is not only that of a school but also the much more extensive one of an “association of scholars, writers, artists, for advancing literature, art or science.”

* Marcello Defant is musicU.Live certified Italian violin instructor from Italy. He is currently violin professor at Conservatorio di Musica di Ferrara, and artist director at Venusta Musica. To book live online violin lessons with Marcello, please visit