Online Christmas Concert—Sharing Music and Cheer, while Making New Friends

Published by on December 13th, 2018 in music blog

Connecting with other musicians from around the world, and combining our passion for music making and present this very special online Christmas Concert. What an amazing experience!

Technology is advance globally, however it was tricky to line up rhythmically due to internet speed delays. Nevertheless, we were able to combine our abilities and come up with solutions, and in the end our passion for music was still expressed in the final result of our concert.

Once we agreed that it was not possible to play together in a traditional way, we decided to separate the performance into solo sections allowing us to each showcase our individual skill in a nice Christmas tune. Through this would have yielded a very pleasant and merry concert, it was Marcello (our violinist/violist) that saved the day when he came up with the idea for an improvised piece with a steady drone accompaniment as a way to play together. This was the perfect solution to allow us to play simultaneously, but not have to worry about lining anything up rhythmically!

This truly collaborative process among three different countries was a real demonstration of the power of our passion for music, and the mission of musicU.Live to unify music education all around the world. Music education is particularly important to me, and as a relatively more tech-savvy person, it comes naturally to spread the power of music through technology, and the internet. I have taught online lessons for several years, and even have my own online video courses and one-stop-shop to learning clarinet. My personal belief in the importance of music education, and the power of the internet to make that accessible to so many more students than it normally would be is what drew me to musicU.Live and inspired me to perform in this concert.

The one other unexpected and amazing outcome from this concert was the friendships made with the two other members of our trio, Marcello and Bernard. Though we had never met before, we really have gotten to know each other and are hoping to meet in person someday and play together again!

We hope that you enjoyed this Christmas Concert as much as we did, and we are so thankful for the power of technology and musicU.Live to allow us to come together and share our passion for music, while getting to spread some holiday cheer, and meet new colleagues and friends!

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Happy holidays!