This Father’s Day, Give Your Dad the Gift of Music

Published by on May 3rd, 2019 in music blog

Are you unsure of what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Online music lessons are a great way to give him the gift of music — when you sign him up for lessons, what you’re really giving him is the deep satisfaction and sheer pleasure you get from playing music.

It’s never been easier to learn any instrument from the comforts of your own home! Here is what you’re really giving when you give your father online music classes.

Expert Instruction

There is such a wide pool of teachers to pick from online that no matter what instrument or style of music your dad wants to play, there is an expert for him. It could be bossa nova guitar, maybe he wants to learn to play the violin online or the flute — either way, there’ll be a perfect teacher for him.  Beyond just music, the selection in teachers online is so wide, that he’s sure to find one who suits his learning style and personality.

Your teacher’s instruction about technique is crucial, and should be followed rigorously to build up your musical foundation on the right habits. If you develop bad musical habits, undoing what’s already in your muscle memory can be difficult and extra time consuming.  Each week your father’s technique will be inspected to prevent bad habits from forming.

Whether you book guitar or online flute classes with professional teachers with years of experience, they’ll keep the sessions both engaging and structured. On one level, learning music is simply about fun, and lessons don’t need to be militant — your father is unlikely to make it to the stage of Carnegie Hall! But what’s even more fun is learning to play properly, in a relaxed but structured environment.

A Gift for Life

The online sessions may last only 45 minutes a week, but music lessons are actually a lifelong gift. Once you learn an instrument, it’s a skill you take with you forever. At any point in the future, you can add to the jam session, serenade people around the campfire, or enjoy some private moments playing alone.

It starts when you get inspired with online music lessons but acquiring the ability to play music is truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Convenient and Time-Saving

One of the great things about online lessons is all the time it saves: your dad won’t have to worry about all the troubles that come with commuting, like parking, traffic, or paying for gas. He can simply sit down in his home and learn.

All the time saved by not having to commute can be put towards practicing — it’s important to practice right after a lesson, when the teacher’s instruction is still fresh in the mind. Modern life is often extremely busy; it’s possible to make time for learning and for practicing music, but more time spent driving is just a waste.

Music is one of the things in life people around the world just naturally respond to. People who don’t know anything about music still love listening and dancing to it — our response to music comes from somewhere deep in our bones, deep in our psyche. To be the one playing the music is truly one of life’s great privileges. This is a gift you can give this Father’s Day, by signing him up for online music lessons.