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Learn music online live today with one of our global certified professional instructors who shares your music passion. musicU.Live partners with some of the best qualified teachers and experience educators worldwide for live online music classes in: music composition, piano, guitar, violin, flute, drums, theory, production, and more. Get started by browsing our online music lessons and find a teacher whose expertise, availability and passion matches yours. Whether you are just beginning, or going after exams like the Royal Conservatory RCM, ARSM, ABRSM, DipABRSM, Trinity College London, IMEB, Guitarmonk or auditioning for Berklee School, we have something for you expertly.

Who exactly are you learning from when you schedule a 1-on-1 live video session through musicU.Live? Our world renowned teachers are experts in their craft, and they will coach you interactively in real-time. They have been globally recognized for their talent, and they share your love for music. They are on a mission to guide you to be the best musician you can be.

Get acquainted with your instructor in our 10-minute live introductory class, or dive right in with a comprehensive full 45-minute live music lesson. Payment for our classes is simple and safe, and registration is absolutely free. Ignite your passion and start now.


Emiliano Petronilli

- musicU.Live Certified Piano and Music Theory Instructor

"When teaching piano I found the ability to use my camera, move it and zoom in to the required spots on my hand / arm / keyboard helped immensely in focusing the students' attention exactly to what I wanted them to see when I was demonstrating. Couple that with the possibility of highlighting exact portions of the PDF files of the music they're practicing, then I can typeset and send via chat some technical exercises made on the fly, and you have a very powerful tool."

"Let's not forget this teaching model opens up a world of possibilities for anyone who might be suffering from any impairment of mobility."

musicU.Live Benefits

Online music lessons from around the world

To go from being a good musician to a great musician requires determination and consistency. We can help:

  1. Find and pair up with the right teacher for you.
  2. Learn through shared passion.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. This one’s on you, but with our easy-to-access lessons, you can do it on your time, at your pace.
Your online global music hub

Access a global music centre and find experienced, certified music teachers to ignite your passion. Get started on an instrument or take your current music skills to the next level.

Two live options provide flexibility

Schedule live 1-on-1 video conferencing lessons with two class options: a quick 10-minute session, or a standard 45-minute session.

Gain access to priority club with free registration

Student registration is absolutely free. As a welcome bonus, the first 200 musicU.Live students who complete their first full lesson will be automatically added to our Priority Club. Members in this club will be the first to test, learn, and share any of our future products and services.

Global Reach of Instructors

- Find the best fit for your lessons with teachers from all over the world

Credibility and Integrity

- Backed by digital experts, music industry and media executives

Cost Effective

- Save on commute time and money

Student of the Year Award

- Use your competitive spirit to motivate yourself to win

Future sessions

– Stay tuned for personalized group sessions and more


- Intuitive and simple registration processes so you can focus on the music

Flexible Time and Location 24/7

- With the right connection, learn anytime, anywhere

Certified Teachers

- Access the best, most up-to-date instructors

Cultural Exposure

- Discover authentic Spanish bagpipes Galician Gaita, or the melancholic Chinese 2-stringed violin Erhu, plus many more

How It Works

Step 1

Fill out the required and accurate legal information as listed on the student registration page. Please note that if you are 18 or under, you will need a parent/ guardian to sponsor you.

Step 2
Choose Class

Choose a class, then find an instructor with a date and time that works best for you.

Step 3

Feel free to book a 10-minute short session in a class you are interested in to ask questions and interact with the teacher before committing to a standard 45 minute session. Paying for classes is easy, secure and hassle-free.